Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

There are a few things that are the same no matter where you go. A good ol’ fashion ball game is a summer passtime that we love, no matter where we are. Beer, hot dogs, singing traditional songs,  a stadium full of people united together for a common love of the game; all these things make up some of my favorite memories.

From starting off playing tee-ball, to my indoor winter softball league in high school and then on to watch friends play in a beer league as we became older, baseball has always been apart of my life.  When in Minnesota we watch the Twins or the St Paul Saints, in Iowa we would travel to see the  Cedar Rapids Kernels or when all else fails we will stop and watch a little league game. Either way we always seem to find time in the summer for a game.

This past weekend, thanks to out wonderful friends, B&C, we were fortunate enough to acquire tickets to a San Francisco Giants game at AT&T field! This would be our first game of the year, not to mention our first baseball game in California.  It was fantastic!
While living in the bay area, we have forced ourselves to become familiar with the Caltrain system.  It was a little intimidating at first, but this past weekend we truly realized how wonderful it is,  especially when going to a Giants game! We were able to drive a quick 20 minuets to a station, pay $2.50 for parking and then $19 for a train pass that brought us with in a block of the stadium. No need to mess with, let alone pay for, downtown parking (which for us is huge, as downtown does not take well to our huge dually truck).  PLUS, you can pre game with a beer on the train! Perfect!
We enjoyed a pint at a near by bar before the game, shared a few laughs with other game goers, had a hot dog in the park (FYI, Minneapolis still holds the title for the best ‘dome dog’) , bought a hat and made a new memory. The day was topped off with a Giants win!
When we go to a game, it gives us a piece of home.  It’s something we can have wherever we go.  It is one of the few things that everyone can relate to as well, which makes for a great ice breaker on meeting new people all the time!
A big thank you, again, to our friends for giving us the gift of a cherished memory and also making us feel like summer has truly begun!

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