Ready. Set. Move!

After J.O. leaves for work in the morning, I will enjoy a cup of coffee and plan out my day.  While figuring out what needs to be done and what I have for possible plans, I always have to wonder if I’ll be getting “the call” at some point during the day. The call that can change my entire schedule and any tentative plans I may of had. The call from J.O. telling me that I need to start packing because we have to move to another job.

Working in construction comes with the fact that things are always going to be changing.  Often, jobs are put on hold, help and expertise is needed at another site, power lines go down and emergency work is needed elsewhere.  All of these various factors can lead to us moving on a moments notice and I have to be flexible and ready.  I also have to know that with as fast as plans are made, they can be changed and broken and even then reverted back to the original idea.  Living by the minuet is an understatement for our lifestyle.

Today I received “the call” at  9:28 am.  I was informed that I should start packing up to move.  J.O. would be done for the day by noon and from there we would either  be moving to another job site three hours away or just to a different spot in our campground (due to our current campgrounds regulations we have to move spots every 28 days).  It all was depending on whether or not the current job was being put on hold or not.  Either way, it was time to start packing.  Grocery shopping and getting Father’s Day gifts mailed out was going to have to wait (don’t worry dad, your gift will be in the mail tomorrow :) ).  For those of you that have camped or lived in an RV before you know that drill.  For those of you that have not, well here are some of the basics that I have to get done in order to leave.
  • Secure all TVs
  • Empty all tanks and flush the lines
  • Pack up the fridge and secure any items that may fly around
  • Take down any items on the wall that may fall and break
  • Secure all breakable items
  • Latch all cabinets and doors
  • Put away everything that was once stored and is now out in use
  • Tie up any loose ends with other business in the area: i.e. getting refunds from pre-paid camp grounds, putting in holds for mail, canceling any made plans and saying a quick goodbye to new friends.
Basically, I get the RV ready so that when J.O. gets home all we have to do is hook up to our truck and go.  I also utilize this time to give the interior a good deep cleaning.  It may not seem like too much to do, but after being camped in one spot for anything more than 2 weeks, you start to get settled and you have more unpacked than you realize. It’s always  another reminder why living more simple and downsized is important and makes life so much easier!
At 11:30am I received a phone call from J.O. telling me to come and pick him up.
“Well?” I ask.
“We’re leaving for another job.  Most likely we’ll be there for a week and then back down here” J.O. tells me
OK, I think.  It sounds good.  A change of scenery for the week. We pack all of his tools into the truck and then head to our P.O. box to grab a few things and have them put our mail on hold until further notice.
Back at the campground, we load up the RV, finalize a refund from the manager and hit the road. It’s 1:45 and all is going well.  We are five minuets outside of town when the typical happens. Another phone call.  The job that J.O. just left  is back on and  they need J.O. here more than there.  So, we turn around. We head back to our campground we just left, find a new place to park, unpack everything and re-setup camp.  Uft-dah.
Days like today are not uncommon, and even though it makes for a crazy life, I really and truly do love it!  I love not knowing what’s in store for us next.  Where or when we are moving is always up in the air.  For now, we’re back right where we started out, but who knows what tomorrow, or dare I say tonight will bring!

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  1. lol. Just got “the call” and am packing my life into 28′. This includes finding places for our dogs (big and littlest) to live temporarily. Figuring out how many toys and dvds a 4 year old can down-size to. Finally packing clothes and food. You do realize that I JUST went grocery shopping and we have 2 1/2 gallons of milk? Of course I did. Oh well…Thanks for the post. You spoke to my heart today.

    • I litterly told J.O. after the call that I was so happy I didn’t go grocery shopping! Now that we are in the same spot we started, I wish I had! I guess a late night grocery stop my be in order :) Good luck on your packing!

    • We are doing the same thing. Except it is just my husband and I; no kids yet. We have a 40 ft trailer, but it has a 12 ft garage on it for his Harley. So, living space is only 28 ft. I just know when we get to CO that I will wish I would have brought certain things or that I wish I would have left certain things in storage! It’s hard to do!!!!! Good Luck!!

  2. I am thrilled that you have set up this blog! Not only is it great to hear your travel stories, but it’s so insightful for me as I begin the downsizing process. I am so curious what life will be like on the road and your blog helps me prepare; mentally and physically. I would love to hear your process for mail. Should I have my mail forwarded to my mom and dad’s house an then they mail it to me once a week? Or, a PO box? With the thought of moving like you mentioned in your last blog I can’t figure out how you work the mail system. Thoughts?

    • I think you will love life on the road! It takes a little adjusting, but you will find your routine. As far as the mail question; We have found that it works best for us to have our main address be my parent’s home. We really don’t get that much mail anymore because all of our bills are sent to us electronically. Every few weeks though, we will have her send us our “care package”. Check with the manager of where you are staying. Many places will let you have SOME mail delivered straight to the campground. If you not, we will sometimes ask someone on the job that has a home in the area if we can have a few things mailed to their home. The only time we get a PO box is when we know that we will be in that general area for at least 2 months as most have a minimum 3 month rental. If you do go get a PO Box, I recommend finding a UPS store. They are a little more expensive, but you’re given a street address. I prefer this because there are many companies that won’t ship directly to a post office!

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