A decorating DIY for after you clean out your closet

In response to my own post on downsizing  last week, J.O. and I set out to do a clean out of our closets.  I always find it interesting that each time we do a clean out, we have more of one item than another.  Sometimes we get rid of more jeans and pants, sometimes it’s nothing but shoes; this time it was t-shirts.

These are the clean-outs I love, because t-shirts have other possibilities even after they are done being worn! Typically, I will cut a few into large sections and use them for rags around the RV or J.O.’s truck.  One time, I followed another blog and made a scarf (super easy). Yay for reusing!Made from an old tee-shirt

This time, I set out for something I needed.  A new kitchen rug.  Sounds ambitious, I know.  But, it was super easy! It was a bit time consuming, but a great project to do on a rainy day, while watching a movie or with the kiddos! 

Here’s how to make one of your own:

  • You’ll need a bunch of old t-shirts (7-10 larger shirts) and a sharp scissors.  If you own a fabric scissors, even better.  That’s it!

  • Pick out a darker shirt, preferably an XL, and set it aside, we’ll be using it later.  If you have an older towel, even better.
  • Start cutting! Cut your shirts into strips.  You’ll want each strip to be roughly 6-7″ long and 1/2 – 1″ wide.  Don’t worry about having straight lines either.  The only area I did not use of each shirt was around the collar and some sleeves (which I later kept for rags).  I also found it easiest to cut the shirts in half, layer them up and cut into strips.  You’re going to end up having a massive pile!  
This was my pile about 3/4 way through cutting. As you can see, my helper was not much of a help. :)

  • Ok, now that you have all your strips, grab that shirt or towel we set aside.
  • This is going to be your base.  You’re going to cut it into a rectangle. If working with a shirt, cut off the sleeves and across the shoulders to get rid of the collar.  Cut the shirt from the underarm down to the bottom on each side, splitting it in two (so you have the front and the back of the shirt as two separate pieces).
  • With a scissors snip small holes in the shirt, starting one inch in. Each hole will be roughly 1/2-3/4″ apart from another.  It’ll make your shirt look like a giant peg hole board.  You can either do this a few rows at a time as you thread in your strips, or the entire shirt before you start threading.

  • Above is my rug 3/4 of the way through.  You can see the holes in the bottom half that’s not threaded yet.  Every hole, except the end holes, will have two strips threaded in it.
  • Once you’re done threading, grab your scissors again and give your rug a shag cut.  Some pieces will be really long, so even it out a bit! By cutting the rug a little shorter, the pieces will stand up on end a bit more.  If it gets flat, just re-shake it!

Congratulations! You now have a new rug that is fun, one of a kind, economical (you can’t beat free!), and earth friendly! Plus, you have more room in your closet!

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A decorating DIY for after you clean out your closet — 6 Comments

  1. You always surpise me !!! You are so creative. You are one of the few people who can look at any situation and invision an entirely new concept with the making of it!!! I am impressed!!

  2. Love your blog and am always so excited to see your next post. I am curious how or if you have personalized your trailer. I am traveling with my husband and our son, and we have an 8 year old trailer with a dated color scheme have you “updated” or “remodelded” your home?

    • Thank you for your wonderful feedback! We have not done much, although I would like to! Other than adding photographs and area rugs, it’s still decorated very much like how it was when we bought it (it is a 2004). I have replaced the ugly wallpaper border that was in the main living area with a more updated one. The recliner that came with it has also been replaced, but in all honesty, it could use a slipcover because it’s still hideous! lol. I would love to update the window treatments and carpeting sometime soon! I see all of these great ideas for redecorating and reupholstering RV interiors, I just have to do it! Keep me updated if you take on the project!

  3. Love this!! We plan to clean/downsize my husbands closet this weekend and I will keep several tagirts of his for this!

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