Why not? Y.O.L.O.

The other day I wrote an entry about how our schedule can change in an instant. You can read the entry by clicking here. Jobs can be put on hold, canceled, extended, help can be needed elsewhere, emergency situations can arise and in turn we often move at the drop of a hat or have an unexpected week off.  Last Friday we were given my favorite of the turn in events, an unexpected week off!

I remember before I started to travel with J.O, I used to love the random phone calls from him letting me know he was on his way home for the next week or two.  The phone calls are still just as sweet now that we’re on the road together.  I know that the time together is going to be filled with excitement and adventure!

Every idea on what we should do will be answered with,”why not? After all, you only live once: Y.O.L.O.”

As you probably guessed, we are not ones to just lay around the house all day.  With that being said when J.O. found out last Wednesday that we would have the upcoming Friday until the following Friday night free from work we started making plans.  Well, we made plans without making plans.

First on the list, relaxation! We spent Friday and  Saturday tooling around town, having lunch, going to farmers market, bringing the long dog on walks and hanging out at the beach.  We even managed to get a few projects around the camper.Long Dog at the Beach

Next: knocking something off J.O’s bucket list.  Some of you may have heard that the US Open for golf was held in San Francisco at the Olympic Club over the weekend (I had no clue that this event was even going on).  J.O. loves to golf and always wanted to attend an open, so we did.  Why not? Y.O.L.O.   He researched the different passes available and then found a seller on Craigslist.  Wham, bam, grand slam!  We went on the final day and were able to acquire passes from a course member, so our seats were prime.  I don’t even like golf, except to drive the carts and catch a naps when it’s on tv, but this was a good time! Plus, with it being Father’s Day and my dad being a golf guru, I felt a little closer to home.  We weren’t allowed to bring any cameras or cell phones into the tournament, so I don’t have any pictures of us at the event.  I can tell you that the course was beautiful, it was a cold afternoon but the memories are warm.Us Open 2012

Next, an adventure! We decided on Monday morning to hit the road and drive until we wanted to stop. Why not? Y.O.L.O.  We were needing to warm up a bit as Half Moon Bay never gets above 70 degrees. Isn’t it summer? We packed up our camping, rock climbing and gold prospecting gear, a cooler of food and beer, a few pillows and a blanket, some clothes, the long dog, firewood and started heading North on Hwy 1.  Our drive took us across the Golden Gate Bridge, through the state park, and along the coast.Golden Gate Bridge

After going through many small towns with signs talking about fresh oysters, we decided to stop at the next place we came across. Why not? Y.O.L.O. It ended up being the Hog Island Oyster Company. This place was awesome. After a quick lesson in how to properly shuck an oyster, we feasted on 18 raw ones that were harvested two hours prior. They had BBQs available if you wanted to cook them and you could bring in your own beverage.  I highly recommend going here if you’re an oyster fan!View From Hog Oyster CoHog Oyster Co, J.O.Eating area

Roughly half way throughout the drive we decided to start heading East to Clear Lake: California’s largest natural fresh water lake. Why not? Y.O.L.O. We arrived at the Clear Lake State Park, set up camp (which to us is a campfire and arranging our pillows and blankets in the truck: someday we’ll buy a tent) and enjoyed each others company.  This was a lovely campground, equipped with three different campground areas, great walking trails, a boat launch and a nice swimming beach.  In the traditional camping area, I really enjoyed the onsite storage bins. The lake is also very clean.Campsite at Clear Lake State ParkOn Site Storage at Clear LakeClear Lake, State Park

The next morning after a campfire breakfast, a swim and a walk, we decided over coffee to head for South Lake Tahoe. Why not? Y.O.L.O.  Of course as soon as we hit “gold country” we had to stop to do a little prospecting.  This has become J.O’s new hobby (along with fishing for crab) since coming out to California. At first I told him he was watching too much of the discovery channel (Gold Rush), but it’s actually really relaxing.  We both putt around in the water digging up sand and sifting through it for gold.  We find flakes here and there but are holding out for a nugget!Prospecting for Gold

Our next two days in Tahoe consisted of relaxation, mini golf, good food, beaches, and fun.  If you have the chance to go to Tahoe, do it.  Don’t hessitate, just go. Why not? Y.O.L.O.  Winter, spring, summer or fall.  It’s always beautiful and there is so much to do year round.  You will never find a lake that is as clear and blue as this.  We had lunch at The Beacon in Camp Richardson, J.O. beat me at mini golf at the Magic Carpet and we won a little money at Harrah’s Casino (which has a huge parking lot in back you can park in for free, we park here everytime we ski Heavenly).Walking around Heavenly Villagemini golf at Magic Carpet, SLTLake Tahoe

We tried to camp at the Nevada Beach Campground, but apparently Tahoe is really busy any day of the week in the summer for camping! It looked like a great place to stay, though.  We were limited to what campgrounds we could stay at, because many in the Tahoe area do not allow dogs.  In the end we spent one night at a Motel 6 (which I found interesting that it cost the same amount as staying at a tradational campground! Apparently sleeping outdoors in Tahoe is not cheap!).  The last night we splurged and rented a studio cabin at the Zyphyr Cove Marina & Resort.  Why not? Y.O.L.O.  It was perfect for us; right on the lake, equipped with a small fridge andmicrowave and cozy as can be.  We relaxed around a grill and enjoined the company from another couple who were there from Palm Springs.  They also have a really nice campground that we plan on trying out the next time we venture up to the area.  The Nevada side of South Lake Tahoe has a more small town feel, and so we were able to relax a little more.cabin at zyphyr coveBeach at Zyphyr Cove

Our trip came to a quick finish when J.O. received a call indicating that he had to be back earlier than expected for an outage.  We woke up early, raced home only to find out that the outage had since been canceled and that the job was put on hold until further notice. I told you things change at the drop of a hat!  So, for now, we have decided to pack everything up and head South on Saturday to do some more exploring until we are redirected to the next job.

Why not? You only live once, right?

Also, a big Thank You to our good friend, W, for designing our new logo! xo


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  1. *Jealous* My husband is such a work-a-holic! He loves his job and working 7/12’s is exactly what he prefers! I’m happy that he’s happy, but reading your post makes me a bit sad that we won’t actually get to explore any of the places we visit. Yes, I can visit by myself, but what’s the fun in that?

    • Oh, we have spent many months where J.O. Works 7/12s and I am left to explore on my own! Every job is different and we have been fortunate that this past one was only 5-6/10s! You will at some point be on a job that is not every day, that’s just the way this trade goes! In the mean time, go out and explore a bit on your own! Then when he has a day off, you can bring him to your favorite spots!

  2. Love the new logo, and I love the philosophy! I have been trying to figure out inexpensive things to do as a family (including the dog) around our current area, and that may become our new weekend philosophy as well!

    • Thank you! Do it! Even when we lived back in our home town we would often take road adventures: stopping when we wanted and camping. It’s a wonderful way to support local communities and see new places. Yolo!

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