Pancake butt & sweaty palms

Ahhhhhhhhh. That was the sigh of relief  my backside felt once when we pulled into our new campground. Even though we go on road trips often, after all the driving we put in this past week and then adding in a ten hour drive today, my butt feels like a pancake.  Flat, fluffy and kind of numb.

Our past two days have been go, go, go. Yesterday, we managed to get laundry done, bring our truck in to have brakes, rotors and some other matience done, drive three hours to the union hall and then three hours back, pick up a prescription, close a mailbox,  wash the truck, pack up the camper, pick up all of J.O.s tools and say goodbye to friends.  Today, we woke up early to walk the long dog, finish packing and hit the road. Wheew!

We were off and running! Onto our new adventure in Southern California for at least the next two weeks.  The camper was packed on to our truck, coffee was brewed, music was blaring. Time to puttruck truck that we love to work!  She’s a 2000 Ford F-350 super dullaly with 265k miles and she has always pulled through for us.  Still, on big travel days like today, I always get a little worried that this might be the trip where something goes wrong.  The state of California, for those that don’t realize,  has extreme topography; therefore, you drive through many passes.  Along with the elevation change, many of the roads are curvy, steep and hold few, if any, guard rails.  Add these elements to the fact that I have a fear of heights (yet, I can rock climb to extreme heights with no hesitation), and you will find me with very sweaty palms. My saving grace is that J.O. is an extremely good driver, very cautious of my “freak out” level and calms me by joking around and signing out loud with me. Still, I had hand prints on my pants from my nerves.

Thanks be to God, we had no breakdowns, we never ran out of fuel, the weather was ideal, the traffic was sparse, we didn’t tumble over the edge of a cliff and my butt is starting to regain feeling. We pulled into the Pine Tree RV restort in Fawnskin, CA (Big Bear) around 10pm and were set up for the night by 10:30. Now, it’s time for sleep and I look forward to checking everything out in the area over the next few days! My nerves are once again at ease and my butt will be greatful to go on a run in the morning!

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  1. Your animation is so wonderful! Had me laughing out loud! Scared of heights and can rock climb….that is interesting!!

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