Vacationing in a House

Our 5th Wheel all decorated for the 4th!Many people when going on vacation will leave their homes to go camping in their RVs.  We leave our RV to vacation in a house.

For Independence Day this year, we rented a quaint cabin on Big Bear Lake in Big Bear, Ca.  It was so lovely to spend 5 days on the water and spread out!  Oh, the glorious space!  For a good 20 minuets I looked at the huge fridge and awed at the fact that not only did our food AND beer all fit, but we had space to spare. Simply vacationing pleasures!  Normally, our pop and beer are kept in a cooler to make for more space.  Not here!

We found our house by googling “Home Rentals in Big Bear, CA”.  We ended up going through Big Bear Lakefront Cabins for our rental.  It was a great experience and will definitely do a home rental again.  We saved money and ate healthier by eating at home for most meals and we has more space then a hotel room.  I personally preferred not being in a resort environment as well.  There are many cabin resorts we have stayed at and while they were all fine, this was more relaxing.  I was also very surprised to find out that per night, it was actually more economical than hotels and cabin resorts in the area.

This was our first Independence Day away from Minnesota.  We missed our families and friends but were happy to be able to exchange pictures and videos with them all day long.  Technology really makes it easier to be so far away! I also made my sisters Berry Trifle dessert to make us feel a little closer to home! You can find the recipe here.  On the holiday we were able to watch the fireworks that the city shot off over the lake and then relaxed, floating on the water day on the fifth and sixth.  We enjoyed our meals on the deck and the relaxed either the by fireplace or in the hot tub (or both!) at night.  The location of the lake home was in a different area of Big Bear from where we have been living and it was great to discover different areas of the city.  We found a great brewery near by, Big Bear Mountain Brewery.  What a wonderful small brewery!  We had one of their samplers and all of their six brews were very good.  They sold growlers of their beers to take home, so we purchased (and refiled!) a few. Honey Ale and Porter

Over the weekend, friends that we had not seen in years were able to come and relax with us.  It was so lovely to see them! We again played on the lake Saturday morning and then all went out in the afternoon.  We went to B’s Backyard BBQ on the lake where we sat on the deck, listened to live music, danced and threw a few back.  The band was awesome! They play every Saturday in the summer there from 3-6 and the lead guitar player used to play for Neil Diamond! Their base player was also very talented.  Good times for sure! Plus, they have a dog beach with a tiki bar.  There were two four month old basset puppies roaming the beach that stole our hearts and we almost stole them….almost.  If you’re in the area during the summer, I highly recommend checking this fun place out!The lead guitarist J.O. and I cutting a rug on the dance floorThis puppy named Olive Oil store my heart

All in all, it was a great vacation filled with laughter, excitement and relaxation.


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