Make an Unused Wall into a USEABLE wall!

Space is valuable when living in an RV and I often find myself looking at certain areas in ours that just seem to take up space; better yet, I find areas/things that can be improved to give me more useable space.

I am constantly making lists: to do lists, to buy lists, to make lists and I never seemed to have a good place to keep them.  We have our blank pad of paper for the J.O.’s lunch notes, but those notes are thrown away when he eats his lunch, they don’t have to be kept for an extended amount of time.  I’ve tried putting reminders in my phone, but because they weren’t constantly visible, they because an “out of sight of of mind” kind of thing.

In comes our message board wall.  When you walk into our 5th wheel, you instantly see the side of the entertainment cabinet.  It used to be an ugly fake wood wall, but now it is a magnetic chalk board!

We bought a can of the magnetic paint and a can of the chalk board paint and got started.  You can buy this paint at your local hardware store in the paint section.  Make sure you use a foam brush or roller to create a smooth surface. The chalk pain comes in either green or black. The magnetic paint is black.   The can of the magnetic paint called for 3 coats, so we did 6.  Then the next day we put the chalk board paint on, 4 layers deep.  We had to let the paint set for 3 days before we could write on it.  I bought an eraser and glued a magnet to the back of it.  I’m still looking for something to put the chalk into that will be light enough to hang via magnet on the board.  As of now, it is sitting on the shelf behind the board.

I love it!  It’s functional and decorative and way better than that fake wood! I see every note I write when I walk in the door or pass by it and so does J.O. :) Our “to do” list is rapidly shrinking!  I also don’t have the clutter of various loose notes.

The magnet isn’t super strong, but it holds some weight. I’m going to use the rest of my magnetic paint on the backside of our bathroom mirror/cabinet.  It’ll give me an area to for my bobby pins, tweezers and other small bathroom items that seem to just get lost.

I highly recommend doing this type of project if you can.  If you have little ones it’ll give them a wall to write on :) What are some things you have done to make your living area more functional and still decorative? 


Make an Unused Wall into a USEABLE wall! — 6 Comments

  1. LOVE, love, love this idea! I’ll have to ask the husband before painting and also find a place that it will work! I’m thinking the door to our garage would be perfect!

    • J.O. was a little questionable on the idea too at first, but in the end admitted that it looked way better and was very useful! The door to your garage area is a great idea!

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