Zoos and Golf

Yesterday, J.O. and I had a little adventure day where we discovered a great organization in the Big Bear area and also learned a new lesson in the game of golf.

Our day started off rather typical for J.O. being off work: morning news, coffee, talking with Mom and Dad on the phone, J.O. made some Salsa (get the recipe here) and then taking the long dog on his 3 mile hike.  I know what you’re thinking, 3 miles? Yes, his little legs can go the distance, it’s just at a slow pace.  We saw our lizard friends and J.O. found a great new walking stick, which I fear will be a part  of our journey from here on out.

We had heard about the local “zoo” and decided the time had come to go and visit it.  From the outside, the Moonridge Zoo, looked like something from the movie with Matt Damon, We Bought A Zoo.   Very small and in someones back yard.  After paying our $9 entrance fee we were surprised by the unique array of animals the zoo held.  They had mostly animals that were natural to the area; deer, bears, owls, snakes, lynx, bobcats and then they also had a buffalo! As we looked closer we noticed that each animal seemed to have been rescued.  Whether they had only one eye or one wing, even the bear only had three legs, they were all saved.  This small zoo was wonderful in that you could tell each keeper had a real connection with the animals.  It was also great to see some of these amazing creatures up close and learn about them.  They have plans for expanding their zoo starting in 2013 and you can donate or even sponsor an animal at there website, here.

Later, we went to the Bear Resort golf course.  A nice 9 hole course where during the week you can play a twilight round for a third of the price. I should say that J.O. played while I rode along in the cart. A few years ago, I was in a summer golf league and realized that although I respect the game, I’d rather hang out in the cart, drinking beer than actually plat the game.  But, to each their own!  His lesson learned about the game here was that, in higher altitude the ball goes  IN fact, it goes A LOT further! Our time at the driving range was not a practice with his driver for long, because the ball kept going out of range! He was pretty happy about it, but I’m sure that the people playing on the hole behind the range were a little upset by all the dropping balls! What can you do?!  We were put with another three some and in turn made some new friends.


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