A mid-week hike

With each new city that we move to, having something constant is a must.  We need something to discover, look forward to and constantly enjoy to give us a sense of stability, routine and tradition.  Two things that fit into this description for us are areas to hike and places to rock climb, whether they be indoor arenas or natural outdoor settings.

Here in Big Bear, we found our daily hiking route with the Long Dog right away. It is a 3 mile loop on an interpretive trail off of North Shore Blvd.  Loops are best for the long fellow because he doesn’t realize when we are headed home (normally, once we turn around he puts on his brakes and won’t walk).

The other day, J.O and I decided to go on a hike on our own up to an area that J.O researched: it said to have had some good top roping faces for rock climbing.  The trail and main face was named “Castle Rock”.  A name that we actually laughed at because it was literally  the 3rd “castle rock” we went to climb while living in California! Check out our testimonials of the other “castle rock” experiences while in California here

The trail was a bit off the beaten path, but we eventually found it.  It took us about an 35 minuets to climb 500 foot elevation to the summit of 7500 in 1.75 miles.  J.O was a champ an carried our 60 pound climbing pack the entire way! I carried our 5 pound  crash pad for bouldering and the water :) Yay for strong men!

Once we reached our summit destination, we were able to watch a boy scout troop that were there climbing and in turn get a feel for our upcoming potential climb.  We hiked to the summit to see the anchoring set up and the view was fantastic! We had come across many families on the ascend that had made the hike strictly for the view, and I could now see why.  

Once J.O and I decided on a problem route to climb, he went ahead to set up our rigging.  We have a strict policy between us that if one of us does not feel safe than we do not continue with the climb.  After looking at the anchoring they had set up and the equipment we had on hand, we ended up not finishing out our rock climb.  We want to go back once we acquire a few more pieces, but until then, we will simply enjoy the hike and stick with the awesome bouldering areas they have.

I must give credit to the long dog, whom joined us on our second trip up the trail during the week.  He did the entire hike like a champion and every group we passed commented on the fact he was dominating the hike better than most humans! Even with those little legs.

What do you like to do when ever you go on vacation or move to a new place?


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