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When I attended the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis for esthiology (skin care), I became obsessed with my skin care regime.  I owned every product from eye make-removers to  hydrating masks and cleansers and the list goes on.

When we started to travel, I had to prioritize what I wanted to bring and what was going to stay.  Devoting a shelf to just my skin care products was not an option.

Therefore, I have found many other household items that can double for beauty products.  I find they all work just as well, plus I am saving money, space and I know whats going on my skin (and at times, hair).

Make Up Remover:

Olive Oil. Simple as that.  I promise you it won’t clog your pores and it will remover all your make up, including your mascara.  I use it at night as both my makeup remover and moisturizer.use olive oil!

Face Wash:

Baking Soda.  Mix with lemon juice, olive oil and tea tree oil (optional) to form a paste.  I like to add in the tea tree oil because it adds soothing properties.  You can also mix the baking soda with simply aloe vera or water.  Gently rub onto your skin and rinse with warm water.  This is a mix I use a few times a month or if I am out of my regular store bought face wash.  It will give you that deep clean feeling.  Because I have dry skin,  I prefer a cream cleanser for every daily use.


Brown Sugar mixed with Olive Oil.  Make a mix that is roughly 2/3 sugar and 1/3 olive oil. You’ll end up having a paste like substance.  This is a great product to use on your face, your lips and all over your body.  You’ll feel silky smooth and taste sweet!

If you have trouble areas you can also use a lemon cut in half with some brown sugar on top.  Rub it gently on your face in circular motions and rinse.

Cleansing Mask:

Honey.  Slather honey all over your face and lay down with your head on a towel for 10-15 minuets.  I like to exfoliate with the brown sugar mix before doing this mask once a week.   Make sure you have your head on a towel, because you will most likely drip! Honey is a natural exfoliator as well as a detox for your skin.  If you want to do a deep cleanse, mix in a tablespoon of lemon juice or peppermint oil.

Moisturizing Mask:

Avocado. This is something that I use both on my skin as well as in my hair.  You’ll want to cream it so it’s smooth.  Then slather all over your face and let sit for 10 min. Rinse with warm water.

For your hair, mix it with a beaten egg and then saturate your hair with the mixture.  I like to wrap my head with plastic wrap to trap the heat and let it sit for 15-20 min.  Rinse your hair in the shower, shampoo and condition as normal.  Do your final rinse with cool water for extra shine.

Problem Areas:

For those problem areas that like to pop up, I will saturate a cotton swab with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar and smother the area.  It will make the problem come to head faster and in turn then go away.


Because I dry skin, I often simply use olive oil.  But that is only at night. Aloe Vera is a fantastic moisturizer! It will also tone down any redness and calm your skin.

To give your hair some volume:

Corn Starch.  You know that powder like substance that they sell to give you extra volume?  Well, it’s basically corn starch.  Dip your fingers into plain corn starch and rug vigorously onto your scalp.  It dries up the excess oil and makes your roots stand more on end.  This is also a fabulous remedy for greasy hair.

Makeup Brush Cleanser:

Squirt a mild hand soap in the palm of your hand and wet your dirty brush.  Swirl the brush in your palm to wash your brush. Rinse with warm water.  Lay flat to dry.

Jewelry Cleaner:

Baking Soda and Distilled White Vinegar.  I put all my rings in a cup and add in 1/2 tablespoon of baking soda and then vinegar so that it bubbles.  Using an old toothbrush, agitate the solution.  Then take each piece of jewelry and clean with your toothbrush.  Keep adding vinegar as needed.  You’ll notice by agitating the solution with the jewelry, little dirt particles will start to fall out! In addition, your jewels will sparkle!

Give some of these natural options a try.  I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised on their results.




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