Keeping in touch

Living on the road always poses the main issue of staying in touch with  loved ones that we can’t see on a regular basis.

I come from a family where get togethers happen if someone gets a haircut.  In other words, if there is an excuse to get together, we do.  I’ll admit, that is what I have the hardest time with: missing the birthdays, the anniversaries, the holidays, the Sunday dinners at Mom & Dads.  Luckily, we live in a world where social networking and virtual communication is at our finger tips.

I don’t know what I would do with out my Facebook, email, Skype, Instagram, Pinterest, FaceTime, YouTube, texting, the good old fashion telephone (ok, cell phone) and US Mail.  We are able to use all of these social networking systems to keep in touch with old friends, family, new friends and all those in between.  We Skype or FaceTime with family at various events we can’t be there for, which makes us feel like we are hardly missing a beat.

We were able to “be there” for my grandmothers 88th birthday party and visit with J.Os grandmother “face to face” while she was in the hospital.

We can exchange pictures and videos via email, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube as well as keep up to date on whats going on in each others daily lives.  I use Pinterest to share ideas with friends like we are having coffee. We text and call family and friends daily to just say hi. We even still hand write cards and letters to a few people who are not online and send anniversary and birthday cards through the US Mail.  Even this website is a medium we use to share our stories with others.  All of these things make us feel a little closer to those we can’t meet up with at the drop of a hat.

Many say that technology has made people less socialized.  That it is ruining relationships.

In contrast, I believe that with out these advanced social medias we wouldn’t be able to travel full time and truly live out our dreams, all while hardly missing a beat where our original roots still lay.

We are able to still feel connected and a part of everyones lives, whether we are 10 miles away or 2500+ !

Not missing a beat also calls for not forgetting any birthdays or anniversaries (long live the snail mail for these special cards!). You may remember a previous post where I created a Magnetic-Chalkboard in our 5th Wheel to use for a daily reminder (click here to view post).  Well, I am now adding onto it a birthday/anniversary section so I can’t miss a beat.   

As far as our daily postal mail coexisting with our on the road lifestyle, well we really don’t get that much mail, so it’s not a huge issue.  All of our bills and statements are sent to us electronically. But, yes we do have a set mailing address, which is at my parent’s home.  This way it never changes and we are still able to receive letters and cards (and the occasional icky or important mail).  Every few weeks we have my lovely mother send us a package with whatever we have received.  Usually it is sent to another lineman’s home that lives in the area or is we know we are going to be in one place for an extend amount of time, we will rent a UPS box.  I, personally prefer renting a UPS box as opposed to a PO box because then you can still receive packages from UPS and or FedEx.  They will not deliver to a PO box.

If you travel away from your rooted family and friends, how do you keep in touch?


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