Preparing For A New Adventure

Some of you may have heard the news and some of you may still be in the dark.  For those of you whom are still in the thick of the night, let me shine our newest light upon you.  We are moving to Hawaii!

After four months of deliberating and waiting on our basset hounds’ blood work to process (Hawaii has a very strict protocol for allowing dogs on the islands) we finally decided to take on this new adventure! Why not? YOLO, right? No kids, no house, why not take on this opportunity while we can! So, we will be living and working on the island of Oahu for at least the next six months.  J.O left today and  I will be joining him in eleven days with the Long Dog (we are waiting for paperwork to process for the Long Dog)

I’m sure many of you are thinking, what about your 5th wheel? Where will you live?  I can tell you right now that we are not shipping it over. Nor the truck.  We were able to find a cheap, secured storage facility where they will stay, here in California.  We will then simply rent a condo in Hawaii.

Finding the storage facility was easy.  Deciding to go to Hawaii was even easier.  Packing up to store the 5th wheel and go LIVE in Hawaii…not so much.

You would think that it would be a no brainer.  Flip-flops, swim suit, towel, sunscreen. You’re done packing, right?  Sure, if you’re going there on vacation, but I do plan on actually getting a part-time job out there and I’m not going to bank on being a surfing instructor: having never done it myself, I don’t think I would make very much money.  In addition to deciding what all to pack for clothing, there were the other household/misc items to think about.  I’m not talking about pots and pans (we’re going to rent a furnished apartment and we can buy things we need there), I’m talking about DVDs, tools, computers, photos, dog beds, shoes, camera equipment, rock climbing gear, etc.  It’s not exactly cheap to ship everything, thus, I must start ANOTHER downsizing act.

You may have read my post 3000 to 365 and thought, well this should be easy for her! I thought it would be too, but I was surprised at the difficulty of the task.  I nearly had a panic attack trying to think about all the things we would be re-buying if I just packed clothes and then all the things I didn’t want to leave behind (I actually became upset that I couldn’t bring all of the laundry detergent I had just made).  Should I pack our wedding album, just so that I know it’s secured in my possession?  How many DVDs? What about the Long Dogs bed? In addition to my mental madness on thinking about what to pack, my mind was racing with was was still needed to be done in less than a week. We still had to empty ALL of our cabinets and the fridge, donate the un-opened non-perishable food, winterize the 5th-wheel, mouse proof it, line up my ticket, ship off J.O’s tools, Long Dog had to go to his last vet appointment for Hawaii, then ship off his paperwork ASAP, buy a dog crate, and then we had to pick up a car 2 hours away for me to use while J.O was in Hawaii and I was still in California. On top of it, we were having out of town company and I did not want to burden them with our sudden life changing event!  Oh, and then the Long Dog had to go to the vet under an emergency visit to have a molar extracted….great timing.  I, honestly, thought my head was going to explode.  And, I’m pretty sure J.O thought I was going to have to be admitted into a mental institution.

Luckily, I am blessed that J.O. is a VERY patient and understanding husband.  I vented to him,  family,  friends, God and everyone helped me find a moderate state of tranquility though out  the past few days.

In the end, we decided to pack 100 DVDs, no printed photo, 3 suitcase of clothing, 3 pairs of shoes for him, 4 pairs of shoes for me,  our rock climbing gear,  1 computer, 1 camera, 1 Go-Pro, 1 i-Pad, 1 dog leash, various chargers, our receipt folder, 2 check books our usual toiletries, no towels, no dog bed, no sunscreen, no winter jackets and no wedding album. The cabinets were cleaned out.  The extra food was donated.  Various items and paperwork was shipped out. The Long Dog is recovering well and now has a clean bill of health to go to Hawaii.  We were able to relax with J.O’s brother (our out of town guest) throughout the weekend and even make a visit to see our cousin in Santa Monica!  Today, the truck and 5th wheel are both securely stored, J.O is on the plane headed to Oahu and I was not admitted into a mental institution. 

All in all, everything fell into place, just like everyone said it would.  The past few days have reminded me to stop and breathe.  That most things in life will work out just fine and there is no reason to get worked up over them.  I also was reminded how blessed I am to have such a wonderful support system: my husband, my blood family, our lineman family and my Lord have all been so supportive and helpful through this transition.  So many people have gone out of their way to help us get things lined up and things made easier: the support is unbelievable.  Now, it’s time to relax and pass the time with good friends until the Long Dog and I can fly out and start our new adventure with J.O



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  1. How very exciting! Do you plan on doing photography professionally while in Hawaii?? I bet there are a lot of weddings! :)

    • I will for sure do landscapes! I’m sure a portrait session or two will also happen :) Depending on how long we stay, will say whether or not I advertise for weddings or not :)

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