A beach cruise

Oh happy day!  Just when I was starting to feel blue about being away from J.O, my spirits were lifted by a trip to Santa Monica and Venice Beach. 

I am so blessed to be staying with friends while waiting to go to Hawaii.  Our friends J & F have been so wonderful to welcome me into their home over the next week.  Plus, I am having such a great time with J! She is also a lineman’s’ lady and is off from teaching for summer vacation, so we have been hanging out while her lineman, F, is busy working long hours in this heat wave.  Poor guy.

Today, she surprised me and said that we were going to take a trip to Santa Monica and Venice Beach.  YES! It’s been so very hot here and a trip to the beach was much needed.  

We packed up the car and took off.  When we arrived it was a lovely 75degrees (compared to the 105 we had come from).  The sun was shining and there was a lovely sea breeze blowing.

We rented cruiser bikes and hit the beach path. I had such a great time looking at all the different beach homes and the hustle and bustle going on around every corner.  It truly was the “what you see on TV” when you think of the beaches in California.  People we cruising on rollerblades, playing volleyball on the beach, kids playing with a ball, surfers hauling in their boards, games of basketball were on the courts, vendors were selling their work and street performers were drawing a crowd.  I was loving my surroundings.  Everyone was so happy!  We cruised the beach for about 3 miles and headed to Venice Beach.  We had lunch and a brew at Cabo Cantina, Yum!  

After a massive veggie burrito and a Pacifico, J lead our walk over to the famous Venice canals.  If you haven’t had the chance to see them, you should go.  What a hidden, unexpected treasure in the area!

We then walked our bikes along the vendor street where we experienced great people watching and I’m pretty sure got a small contact high from the number of people “curing their ailments naturally”. There were many street performers and art vendors.  One man was even selling “authentic Venice Beach Bum Signs”.  Which were pieces of cardboard with writing on them saying things like, “Please Help, God Bless”, It was pretty funny!  There were a lot of street performers and guys handing out CDs of their personally recorded music.  We eventually passed by muscle beach and yes, I did purchased a few souvenir shirts.

We ended our blissful day lounging on the sandy beach.  I took a dip in the pacific (I had to practice my wave jumping abilities for Hawaii after all) and enjoyed more people watching.

On the way home, I even was able to have the “pleasure” of experiencing real LA rush hour traffic and I’ll tell you right now, that I’m not a fan.  It. Was. CRAZY! soooo many people.

I am so thrilled that J had the idea to do this today.  It uplifted my spirits and put a smile on my face throughout the entire day.  This countdown until I get to meet up with J.O in Hawaii will surely go by faster with her company by my side.


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