Personalizing your camper

Living on the road you have three options for living.

  • 1. Motels/Hotels
  • 2. Apartments
  • 3. Camper/RV 
Obviously, we feel that the camper/rv option is the best.  We are able to have a closet, have our pictures up: thus giving us a sense of home. It’s more economical in the long run, we use our own dishes and in turn, live a healthier lifestyle by making our own meals. The list goes on and on.  The only problem that I had at first was the decor.  Ok, I know that sounds stuck up, but honestly.  I was going to be looking at these walls more than J.O. and I wanted to like my surroundings.

I don’t think many people will argue with me that the stock interior decorating of campers in general are horrid.  I’m sure that those that actually pick out the color schemes, fabrics and window treatments will disagree with me and for that I will simply say, agree to disagree.  Between the bad patterns and weird, useless “decorative” wood accents on the walls, and the super ugly window treatments, I was, at first, extremely put off.  Luckily, with a little DIY sprinkled with TLC, we have been able to make our 5th wheel have less of that “bad hotel room” feel and more of a “I’m home” feel.

Pictures.  We have pictures hung everywhere: kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom.  You can’t say personalize more than photographs of your loved ones and your memories.  I used to use a good old nail in the wall, but soon learned that the walls are not that sturdy and the pictures would always fall off in transport.  So, I now use this 3M double stick velcro strips.  They don’t leave marks on the walls and they hold up the frames while in transit.  hanging pictures

There was a really ugly wallpaper boarder that was originally starting in the kitchen and went throughout over half of the main living area.  This thing was some sort of ugly.  And to make it worse, it had matched the fabric on our recliner chair. Why? Needless to say, it had to go.  Luckily, it was very easy to peel off. The bad part was that it ripped off small sections of the wallpaper that was underneath.  So, I had to replace it.  Good thing is that because the area is so small, I was able to do a new boarder for under $10 and I think it looks much better: no more accenting the already hideous chair! 

There used to be a really ugly headboard above our bed that was made out of some decorative wood.  That had to go.  Easy fix…pictures! The good thing is that the wood piece pops right off.  I also have seen people use those wall decals which also looks great! You can buy them at Target and on
When we bought our 5th wheel, it was on consignment and I’m pretty sure the couple who owned it for a year before us had the same feelings on the decor. They actually started to put a tile backsplash behind the sink in the bathroom and it really gives it an added upgrade.  I will shamefully admit that I have yet to grout it.  But it looks good!
In an earlier post, I wrote about our new message board.  I love this! It is a chalk/magnetic board that we made from an ugly fake wood wall on the other side of our built in entertainment center.  You can read about the process of making it hereOther easy ideas include:
  • Changing out the stock comforter for your own. I have found that using a duvet cover over my comforter makes for easier trips to the laundry mat.
  • Decorate for the holidays! We don’t have room for a Christmas tree, but I still hang garland and lights inside.  We packed a few of our favorite ornaments and those hang from the garland.  
  • Rugs will keep your area clean and can totally change the look of an area.  Try making our t-shirt rug for your kitchen or bathroom! Learn how here.
Eventually, I will be brave and take on redoing our window treatments as well as reupholstering the furniture.  For now, I’ll just continue to hide the couch and chair with pillow and blankets. :)
If you have an RV, how have you customized yours?


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  1. Love, love, love that I am not the only one doing this! We used a “birds on a wire” decal from for our headboard; have added curtains and rods to the bedroom for privacy; and have removed the boarders. I want to replace the carpet with pergo and reupholster as well. Sigh, so much to do and so little time!

  2. I think it’s time to change your “where are we now” from CA to HI!!!!
    Loved the new blog! Headed home soon and I will be bringing some pictures back with me!!

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  4. I love your ideas! We have a 1996 Hitchhiker…nice trailer terrible decor. I recently painted my walls in the bedroom almond. I put the shelves with the wire covered in white vinyl which you put in closets down one side of the bedroom which was above the desk and chest in the trailer. I bought almond spray paint for plastics and painted the shelves almond; I had the paint store match my latex satin wall paint to match the spray paint. I then painted the wall behind the shelves the Almond satin paint…which made it looked more like they were made to go on that wall. I then put almond colored dishpans on the shelves instead of baskets.I am still looking for some ribbon to go around the pans to make them more decorrative. I liked them because the hold the shape better than baskets. On each pan I decorphage the gold lettering which described the contents. Ex: Sewing,
    Office Supplies
    Hair Dryers and Hair Rollers
    The shelves held six of the pans.

    I had some of those plastic chest with drawers that you can buy cheap at Walmart ….I spray painted them inside and out the same almond spray paint and sprayed the handles gold. I again decophaged the name of what was in the drawers on the front. All of the lettering is the gold stick on lettering purchased at Walmart in the scrapbook section. I decophaged it so it would stay on. I used the chest as bed tables on each side of the bed. The top of each one was ridged so I got two pieces of wood cut just a little larger than the top and faux painted with the the almond and the taupe paint along with some gold and white paint. Then put 4 coats of polyurthane on it.
    Oh, yeah, I bought the taupe spray paint and had the satin matched to it also and painted the frame of the pullout and the interior of the pullout the taupe color in satin latex.
    I then added spread and curtains that co ordinate with the colors. My husband was so surprised how good it looked…He wanted to know when I was going to do the rest of the trailer. I have done the bath…and if anyone is interested in that episode…let me know and I will gladly share it. I am on to the living kitchen area. I am so glad I decided to do this. If you paint the walls or any of the shelves or the plastic…sand and primer first. Sorry this is so long!

  5. I have a 1999 Prowler, I am totally remolding the whole inside. I hung wallpaper in livinigroom and kitchen. Took out all the ugly window treatments hung curtains. In bathroom I did a rock wall and rock flooring. I live in my camper so I made it home. The ugly carpeting had to go I installed a floating wood floor . Still not done, next is bedroom mirrored closet doors have to go. and the terrible table with so called end table dressers gone . I also tore out all the furnature that’s comes with campers. bought a livingroom outfit and a small kitchen table with 2 chairs.

  6. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and love the decorating tips and have shared it on our FB page, ‘Parked RV Holidays’. We own our RV Motel or ‘Rotel’ Casa Nash’ here in Vancouver, British Columbia. I incorporated some decorating ideas but you have given me more. Please join us in our FB community and I’ll stay in touch as well. Happy trails!

  7. I live in a 44ft toy hauler fifth wheel and yes the inside on any RV is hideous. I have actually gone through and replaced the door handles to knobs, I actually liked the knobs on the kitchen cabinets. I have dark interior for it to be dark during the day so my husband can get sleep during his day shifts. One thing I do want to change is our small sectional and love seat out. Its hideous black fake leather. I hate the day night shade window covers the ones in the living room are so big they are to heavy to even slide up and stay up. I plan on taking these down and put real curtins up. I have always used command strips and hooks on the walls because of the cheap walls they have in these things.

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