Flying high

The transmission line that J.O is working on here in Hawaii is set deep in the hawaiian jungle.  There are no real roads leading to the line, therefore, the crew had to use another form of transportation.  Enter in the helicopter.

Many of you may not know that about one quarter of all transmission work is done with some type of helicopter assistance.  Whether it be using the helicopter to transport structures, equipment or men.  Some jobs will even have the linemen constantly attached to the helicopter from a long line while working on the wire.  

The job here in Hawaii is only using the helicopter to transport the men and the equipment to and from the job site.  The crew has to go through special training on how to properly and safely attach and detach themselves to and from the chopper.  They pack up “fly baskets” full of the tools that they need for the day and attach them to a long line and the chopper will fly them to the work site.  Then they tie themselves on in groups of two and take an express trip into work.  No dealing with rush hour traffic here! Flying at speeds up to 120 mph and well over 1000 feet in the air, they also get a view of a life time. J.O. used our GoPro camera and took some great video of one of his daily flights into work.  Click on the link below to view the video



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