Kuli’ou’ou Ridge Trail

Living in Hawaii so far has been a blessing more than one way.  We have lovely summer like weather year round, we are experiencing a culture and life style that many only dream about, the warm pacific ocean is in my back yard and my husband is LOVING his job out here: learning new things everyday.  One of the two biggest blessings in my opinion is A:  it’s such an active lifestyle out here, and that show fits me to a T and B: my fellow friend from Iowa is living out here with her boyfriend as well! It’s nice to have another “line-lady” close by again who’s man is on the same job as J.O.

My friend, L, has been out on the island since May and like me, is very active. So, she has been more than willing to show me around and go on some awesome hikes! Last week the two of us ventured off to hike Kuli’ou’ou Trail.  It’s roughly a 2.5 mile hike up to the top where we climbed roughly 2000 ft elevation.  The trail was marked, but gave us a run for our money in the sense that it had recently rained, so it was slick and muddy.

We started off hiking through a grassland area and then through an area that was similar to a midwest forest.  Yes, there were pine needles on the ground and large roots everywhere! We tramped through a rainforest  area with tarzan like trees and fields of ferns.   The last part of the hike was nothing but stairs.  Like, 150+ stairs! These stairs were basically making the incline into an organized hill so that people could easily access the summit, which was breathtaking.

I’m so excited to see all the other trails this island has to offer with L and the boys!


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