Having an at home advantage

Living in Hawaii is wonderful on so many levels.  The weather, the ocean, the amount of outdoor activities, the produce, the flowers, the people, the food, the culture, the fact that it’s a tourist destination means that for the majority almost everyone is happy! But, there is one downfall: the fact that it’s a tourist destination means that EVERYTHING is pricey.

You may have read one of my recent posts Furnishing a Condo for Under $500, where I briefly discuss the fact that things here are more costly than on the main land.  Well, other than people wanting to give away their furniture, everything else is higher in cost due to tourism.  Not being of native Hawaiian decent, everyone assumes that we are here on vacation, until now.

When we were told locals tend to get on average 10% off at most vendors and save at restaurants and on island to island flights, I wanted to find out how.  How will they know that I live here? I was not about to go and get another drivers license (I had to do that in California and retaking the test was not fun). My friend L (remember her from my hiking post) said that all we had to do was go and get a State ID.  Most people wouldn’t do this, but since we plan on living here for a year at least and claiming residency, it made sense.

So, I looked into it and found out that I could apply and pay online and then set up an appointment to go into the government office. Perfecto! Actually, it wasn’t perfect because the appointment timeline was over a month out.  WHAT?! I decided to take my chances and surge through the horrible LA like traffic in Honolulu one early morning and wait in line.

It really wasn’t too bad.  I arrived and was in line by 7:50am and when the doors opened at 8:00am there were only 15 people in front of me.  I was given my number and had to wait until 9:20 to been seen. I waited outside too, so I wasn’t cramped up in some stinking, stale room. By 10am I had my own temporary state ID.  It only cost $15 and there was only one error made during the paperwork process: they put J.O’s birthday on my card. :) To me, this wasn’t a bad thing as he is younger than I am.  I guess that the state of Hawaii just does not want me to turn 30 this coming March! Don’t worry, it’ll be corrected on my permanent card…so they say. If you’re wondering why they had J.O.s birthday, it’s because they copied the information from our marriage certificate and obviously looked at the wrong information.

In conclusion, I now will recommend looking into applying for state IDs if you plan on living somewhere for a year or more.  The small amount of time it took to deal with the government will for sure pay off in the end.  Just be sure to look into what all you need to bring.  I was surprised by all the documents they required just for me to get an ID!  Passport, SS card, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate (due to my name change) and a proof of residency (electric/water bill).

After, L and I went to Waikiki Beach where we had lunch and found out that yes, we would receive 10% off due to being local.  Instead, we used a coupon L had for a free dessert :) So, I guess that’s it.  I’m officially a flown-here-not-grown-here local or a Kama’aina as they say in Hawaii.  

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