Honu on the beach

The beach we live by and go to daily near a reef and there are always honu, also known as sea turtles, swimming around.  J.O and I often just sit on the beach and watch them peak their heads out of the water.

We have noticed that there is a family that must live right in front of “our spot” because we seem to always see the same three (or so we think).  There’s a HUGE one (obviously we call him the daddy) and then two other mid sized ones (wife and girlfriend, maybe?).  We don’t own any snorkel gear yet, so we haven’t been able to swim out to see them up close yet.

Today, I went to the beach for my usual hour of sunning, swimming and reading when I came upon what I thought was a huge new rock or something.  It was a honu and a big one! When I realized what it was, I’ll admit, for a moment I thought it was possibly dead.  It was. after all, pretty far up on the beach and it looked to be pretty dry.  I became concerned and sad until a nice woman informed me that he was in fact very much alive and had just caught a wave onto shore to sun himself.

He was magnificent! I was able to have the woman snap a photo of me with him and then I took a few of my own. I have been swimming with the turtles many times before, but to see one this close and to be able to look at him for an extended length of time was a wonderful blessing! What a beautiful creature, filled with such soul.  His eyes were lovely and the texture of his thick skin was so cool.

After gawking at him for a good 15 minuets, I went to my area (which was about 10 feet away) to join him in taking in the sun, the breeze and the ocean.  We both hung out as beach bums for a good hour until I looked at the time and realized I had to get going.  I left him to look after the beach and reminded him to reapply his SPF and to stay away from the turtle wax.

It was a wonderful memory made and I hope I get to see him again soon.

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