Diamond Head Crater

A few weeks ago, I was able to do a wonderful new hike with another lovely “line-lady” friend  (her boyfriend is also a journeyman lineman), G.  We had decided it was time for a girls day: a day where we could chat, giggle, make those serotonin levels surge on a hike and then grab some good grub in the end.  We decided to hike the Diamond Head Crater for our activity.

Diamond Head Monument is one of Oahu’s most know destinations.  It was actually formed 300,000 years ago by a single, explosive eruption that sent ash and fine rock in the air. That then settled and created the crater.  I found out that the trail was built in 1908 as part of the defense system…who knew!

We decided to meet at the community college at the base on Diamond Head Road, where we could park one car and then only have to pay for one vehicle to enter the park.  To our dismay, once we reached the entry gate at the park, the ranger informed us that the lot was full and we could either wait or park elsewhere and walk up. We chose the later and drove back down to the community college to park our second vehicle and then walk up to the park.  This ended up being the ticket because then it was only a dollar to enter as opposed to five (hey, I’ll save any money I can!).

The hike itself is not too bad.  In fact, if you can walk a flight of stairs, I guarantee you can do this hike.  There are hand rails and many rest stops along the way.  The hike up is roughly 0.8 miles and it’s an interesting one at that.  By this, I mean that you will walk across dirt, cement, metal stairs, through tunnels and up silo-like structures.  It’s almost all in the direct sun though, so it gets hot… bring water and wear your SPF!

When you do reach the summit, make sure you have your camera, because the views are amazing.  Panoramic views of Honolulu, Waikiki and the Eastern coastline will use up some of your memory space on your camera for sure.

When you make the decent and are looking for a place to eat, head on down to the Diamond Head Cove Bar on  Monsarrat Ave. If you have never had an acai bowl before, this should be your first because they are AMAZING.  So, so fresh! FYI, an acai bowl is a bowl of frozen acai berries blended smooth with soy or coconut milk, blueberries, strawberries and banana then topped off with granola, sliced banana and berries and honey.  To me, this is basically heaven in a bowl. :) We even were able to witness them filming a commercial while there. :) If fruit and veggies are not your style, there are other privately owned restaurants in that building that look fantastic.  A “surf and turf” taco place and a bakery were two that caught my eye!  I will be going back to check out both for sure.  

So, grab a friend, go on a hike, giggle, become übber happy, then grab a bite to eat and make a memory! And if you’re on Oahu, go do it at Diamond Head as it’s an easy, beautiful hike.  

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