Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail

There’s something about a light house that just seems to tug at my heart. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but I just love them! Other than the lighthouse up in Duluth, MN, I had never been up close to one.  The other week, L and I took a trip to the Makapu’u Lighthouse and went on a little adventure.

The trail itself to the lighthouse is nicely paved and short.  Although you can no longer walk up to the lighthouse, you are able to get great views of it and the surrounding coastline when you reach the summit.  There are also many informative signs along the trail that educated you on the history of the area, the lighthouse and on the humpback whales that are seen in the winter months.  I was able to get some great pictures of the lighthouse too.

The best part about the trail, though, was “path” off the paved trail.  L had done this hike once before and had noticed while looking down towards the ocean that there were tide pools and people swimming in them! How did they get down there?  Well, if you walk behind the sign that gives information on the whales, you’ll notice a arrows that have been spray painted on to the rocks.  While they are pointing up (to lead you back to the path) if you follow them still, you’ll make your way down to the water.  The “path” is made up of hard sharp lava, so I only recommend taking on this trip if you have on the proper foot wear. We had planned on this being a part of our day, so we wore our swimsuits and packed a towel. Once we arrived at the water, we got right into the warm, calm pools of water.  It was so clear, you could see all the little fish swimming around  you.  Every now and then a large wave would break at the rocks, sending in a new gush of water: making is feel like a small whirlpool for a minuet. There were various pools, with some being closer to the open ocean and some further away.  This made it so you could decide how calm you wanted your water.  There were families there with their babies, playing in the calmest pools and young adults playing around in the more active one.   This place was heavenly, for sure.  We swam and soaked in the sun and our surroundings for over an hour, feeling like we were at a natural spa retreat.

Once the surf started to pick up and the waves started to crash in a bit harder, we decided it was time to make the climb back up to the top.  Next time we decided we will  come earlier in the  and bring a packed lunch so that we can spend more time.

If you want more information on the lighthouse trail, click HERE for the Yelp site.

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