A Tsunami of a Saturday Night

Ahhhh, Saturday nights.  They are the start to our weekend.  As soon as J.O gets home from work on Saturdays, we usually get something out to grill for dinner and relax with each other while sipping on a cold beer.  This past Saturday was no different, until we were thrown for a loop!
J.O and I were relaxing outside, waiting for the arrival of our friends to join us for an evening of fun.  I was playing on my phone, checking in on the world via Facebook, when I suddenly received a message from a life long friend who lives in Nigeria. She posted on my wall telling me that she was watching CNN and wondering if we were in the evacuation zone and to be safe.  Huh? I looked at J.O and told him she must think we’re on the East Coast of the mainland and was she referring to hurricane Sandy?  Also unsure, he told me to look it up.  We turned on the tv and were bombarded with news updates on every channel, telling the story of the 7.7 magnitude earthquake that had just hit Canada thus putting us in a tsunami warning.  WHAAATT?!?!

We were informed that those who lived on the coastline should evacuate and move to higher grounds. It was 8pm and the wave was said to hit around 10:30pm. I looked at J.O and said, “well, I wasn’t expecting this?! Thank God for facebook and my friend who watches the news and lives in Nigeria!  Should we pack up?”  We decided we would wait until the sirens went off and also wait for our friends to arrive.  No more than one minuet later, the sirens go off and our friends walk through the front door.  We packed up the long dog, all of our important documents, a roll of toilet paper, some food to grill, some beer to drink, the grill itself, charcoal, candles, a blanket, some pillows, swim suits, a change of clothes, dog food, our mini wedding album and dvd, a camera, bottled water, our portable speakers, computer, toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental floss.  And yes, that was exactly what we grabbed….obviously the essentials. :) We then hit road to higher ground as a group.

The streets were light up with cars all heading in the same direction: away from the ocean. Well, except for the police heading into town to direct traffic and evacuate people. Stores were closed and restaurants were shut down for the night.  Once we reached a higher area, we pulled off into an open field.  We light the grill, turned on some tunes, light the candles and cracked a few beers and had our own tsunami evacuation party.  We stayed there until it was clear for us to return home (around 1am).

We never would have thought that going through a tsunami evacuation was something we would experience! Especially being from Minnesota! :) With the current hurricane Sandy going on and our recent experience with the this experience, we are reminded how quickly things can change.  That we should live each day to the fullest and to Love with all your heart.  I have recently posted about how much the social media online can be a blessing when on the road, and this is no exception.  If it hadn’t been for my friend that lives on the other side of the world looking out for my well being, we would not have found out about the tsunami warring until the sirens went off.

In the end, the wave was not big and was basically non-existant: no power outages and no damage was done. We made a great memory and had a new experience we will talk about for awhile, I’m sure.  We were blessed.

In a final note: to all of our linemen that are already out East restoring the power from Sandy, stay safe and hurry home to your loved ones.  You are in our thoughts and prayers.

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