Judd Trail

Going on a hike that includes a swimming hole is one of the best adventures in Hawaii.  Especially if the trail is in the heat of the sun! L and I have recently gone on two different hikes where the swimming holes made the hike worth while.

This post I am talking about Judd Trail and it is off Nu’uanu Pali Drive near Aiea.  It is a little hard to find because the trail head sign is no where to be found.  The posts for the sign are still there though and with a little help from Yelp, we were able to locate it.  Just look for an older cement bridge and the you’ll see the entry area. The only parking is on a narrow street.  Even if you don’t find the trail, the drive along this street is still beautiful with a canopy of trees above you.

The trail itself is a loop trail and only takes about 45 minuets to complete. You walk through a thick bamboo forest, cross a small stream, see many different types of plants and trees and a few waterfalls. You’ll also come across a lot of bugs, so bring bug spray. The best part about this trail though is at the begging (or the end, depending on which way you start on the trail). There is a wonderful swimming hole with a waterfall that is just off the path. When you start the trail, providing you go counterclockwise on the loop, about 5 minuets after you cross the river, you’ll hear a waterfall off to your right.  Here you will find the “Jack-Ass Ginger Pool”.  This place is right out of the Swiss Family Robinson novel.  The pool is fairly deep with waterfalls going into it and there is even one fall that has become smooth over time, creating a natural water-slide.  Yes.  You heard me, a NATURAL water-slide! Although L and I didn’t have our suits on, so we didn’t swim, we watched a set of grandparents and their three grandchildren have fun in this natural playground. J.O and I did come actually come back for his birthday to go swimming and it was awesome.  It was also VERY cold, but well worth the shocking temp!  So. Much. Fun! To learn more on this trail, go to their YELP page, here.Judd Trail Water Slide

To watch a video of the natural water slide in action, click on the following: Judd Trail Video


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