Wiliwilinui Ridge Trail

How do you celebrate a friends birthday in Hawaii? Mai-tai bar? Luau? Day at the beach? Nah.  L’s birthday was coming up and to celebrate she and her boyfriend were going to head over to the Big Island for a long weekend.  Well, us girls could not let her get away from us that easy without celebrating! So, we decided to do what we do best: hiking.  Oh! I should mention that we have a lovely new addition to our Hawaiian line-community.  Our newest line-lady on the island with us is J. She’s from the midwest like us and we all get along wonderfully!  It’s so great having a great group of women to spend time with here.  Anyhoo, back to the hike!

It was my turn to pick the trail, so I went onto my trusted Yelp.com and found the Wiliwilinui Ridge Trail. Located on the far South East side of the island it was sure to be a hike to give us great views of the coastlines.  We geared up for a day adventure, as reviews said that it took on average 4 hours to complete.

Getting to the trail head was very easy to find.  You actually have to enter a gated community. They only allow some many cars to enter for the trail during the day, so the trail was nice and empty.

It took us just under two hours to hike to the top.  We passed through guava groves on a service road and through fields of wild ferns (many of which were very dried out and really scrapped up our legs). There was no doubt about it, the trail was on a mountain’s ridge.  It was very narrow at times and we all made sure to go slow and watch our footing.  Many parts of the hike we at a steep incline, some areas had stairs and some areas had stairs that were created over time.  There were ropes set up for assisting us on hiking up and repelling down.

Once we reached the summit, where there was a cellular tower and a worker who was flown in via helicopter, the views as expected were amazing.  We were able to see both the sides of the Mountains Ridges: looking onto Honolulu (the Windward or Eastern side) and then also over towards Kaneohe (the Leeward or Western side).

We snapped a few photos and then started to make our decent.  All of our legs were a little fatigued, so we took it nice and easy, making our total trip just under 4 hours as anticipated.  Due to upcoming traffic and L having to get ready to board a plane that evening, we had to put a raincheck on lunch.

It was a great day hike and a fun way to say “Happy Birthday” to a great friend! 

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