Deep Sea Fishing Adventure

This past Veterans Day, we decided to honor it by doing an activity that  so many of our favorite veterans like to do: Fish.

Going deep sea fishing is an activity that J.O and I always try to do when we go somewhere on vacation (if’s it’s on option, of course). Now that we are living in Hawaii, it only seemed natural to test the waters here and throw out a line!

J.O did his usual fishing charter research and ended up getting in contact with Captain Jamie of the Ko Lopine Pünana at Ko Olina Marina (find their website, here).  With another couple and two other friends we booked our adventure and met at the marina at 6:40am that Monday.

We pack a lot of beer, a lot of sandwiches, cookies, chips, fruit (no bananas to please the believers that they bring bad luck…although, I didn’t realize that there were dried bananas in the bag of fruit and nuts I packed, but those don’t count in my eyes :) ), sunscreen and were ready for a day of fun.  What a perfect sized charter we were on too. A 46′ vessel with a beautiful fully equipped cabin.  We had a full kitchen, surround sound radio, bath room and ac (which came in handy when we wanted to get out of the sun).

Our captain, Jamie and crew mate, Joe, were great too.  Joe was great on explaining how to reel in your line when a fish was on and very efficient on getting the lines set up and cast out.  They both were fun and light hearted, which worked great with our lively group.  They worked hard at looking for signs that signaled schools of fish: seabirds diving into the ocean, a certain breed of porpoise swimming, water temps and even large amounts of trash can display a current and an area where fish will be located. You see, the crew not only wanted us to catch fish to bring home for ourselves, but they wanted fish to sell through their commercial license; therefor, catching fish was benefiting us all! Because of them, we had a very successful day of fishing! There were six of us and we each had the opportunity to reel in a fish (well, except for Jess, who’s line snapped due to getting caught on the back door, just as she got the fish up to the boat after a good fight!).

After going 15 miles out to sea and catching all we could in our day adventure, we headed back in.  We were able to bring back five mahi-mahi to the docks . When we returned to the docks around 4:45, with our mahi-mahi flag flying high, we all sat around and watched Joe do his artistry of filleting our catch.  We served up a filet right then and there: sliced up and ready to enjoy; served raw with some soy sauce, chili oil and salt. Delicious!  After saying our goodbyes and discussing our next charter with the crew, our group headed back to our place where we grilled up a few filets, veggies and quinoa.  We feasted on our catch and discussed all the wonderful memories we made that wonderful Veterans Day.

As always, a special thank you to all the armed forces for your service.  We would not have been able to enjoy our day without you.  Bless you.  


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