Combing Safety and a Symbol of our Love: Wedding Rings at Work

I am one of those people who never takes off my rings, any of them.  They are always on my fingers: in the shower, doing dishes, gardening; you name it, I have them on. Well, except when I’m cleaning them which obviously has to happen often.  J.O is the same with his wedding band.  He never takes it off, even when he is at work. He has always told me that he feels like it’s his lucky charm; that with it he not only has my love with him but that of his grandfathers as well.  You see, J.O’s wedding band was also his grandfathers.

Wearing it at work was never a question until a few weeks ago when J.O was reaching for his gloves in a wire fly basket and his ring got caught on a metal rod.  The pressure of J.O pulling it to become free from the basket,  actually caused the ring to bend and crack.  Although it did not snap in two, the ring was damaged severely and J.O was lucky he didn’t lose a finger!

This little event made us stop to think about an alternative to him wearing his actual wedding band to work.  We were in a puzzling situation because we didn’t want another possible accident to happen from wearing the ring (let alone the family heirloom to be damaged again) but J.O said he just didn’t feel right at work with out a ring on his finger.

I spoke with some other line-wives and received many ideas on solving the problem at hand: keeping it on a chain in his lunch pail, keeping it in his backpack at work, keeping it in his truck at work, getting a tattoo ring, securing it somehow into his hardhat or gloves.  Although, many of these were fantastic ideas, non of them fit our prefrences.  Then one wife told me about a small company called Safe Ringz.  They manufacture rubber like rings that look like wedding bands.

I looked at the companies website and really liked what I saw.  The rings were perfect for lineman.  They wouldn’t conduct electricity, were extremely inexpensive ($7 and less after s/h per ring) and they would snap if under enough strain (so if it were to get caught again, it wouldn’t take off J.O’s finger).  I went ahead and ordered one, figuring if he didn’t like it, the worst we’d be is $7 out of pocket.  The ring came with in three days of purchase.

J.O was really excited about the idea when he saw it and has been wearing it to work. He says it’s comfortable and it gives him that small sense that he is being watched over; even if it’s not the ceremonial ring, he said he feels more complete at work again. His traditional wedding band is worn on his days off.

I was so happy to have found this company and utilize their product to help my husband feel more complete and yet safe again at work.  If you or a loved one works or plays in an area that makes wearing traditional metal rings difficult, I highly recommend checking out this small family based company. Find their website by clicking here.


Combing Safety and a Symbol of our Love: Wedding Rings at Work — 4 Comments

  1. Does he ever wear rubber gloves at work? My lineman is wondering if the two materials would make it difficult to get his hand with the ring in and out of the rubber gloves.

  2. These are proven safe wedding rings for linemen & electricians. Check out all the safety testing SafeRingz has done! I’m a firefighter & a barrel racer so I wear these silicone wedding bands everyday. I can do everything with them, including putting on & taking off rubber gloves everyday at work. They are durable for my lifestyle and so comfortable. These silicone wedding rings are non-conductive, heat resistant, flexible, durable, SAFE!

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