Beachin’ It

Sunday Funday.  The last day before the start of the new work week.  And for us on this job, the only full day off.  Because of that we take full advantage of the day.  Typically, a little beach time is involved.

Whether we are just relaxing at the small quiet beach by our home or heading further North to the watch the surfers ride; good friends, food, a few cold ones and good times are always part of the festivities.

We grab a cooler and pack it full of ice, water, beer and A LOT of food.  Chicken, steak, lau lau (a hawaiian dish consisting of chicken or pork and fish wrapped in taro leaves and then a tea leaf) sliced veggies, fruit, poke (another common dish here of marinated raw seafood or veggies) and whatever else we can think of.  J.O. grabs the charcoal and the grill and I grab the towels, music and the sunblock.  We get the long dog all geared up, umbrella and all, make a few phone calls and head for water.

As you have read in earlier posts Here, we often witness wildlife up close (sometimes that wildlife is of the human species!) when at the beach.   W e have also been able to view the power of mother nature as waves reached heights of 30 feet! Swimming is not allowed when this happens, but there are many surfers that were escorted by jet skis to take on the challenge.   Speaking of surfing, the Vans Triple Crown surfing competition is currently going on and we hope to go watch some more of it this week. Read about the Triple Crown Competition, here. I may have to invest in a telephoto lens to capture some of the competitors in action!

The beach has been a great venue for us to relax at on the weekends (and during the week!) . We always return refreshed, tummies full, skin darkened a bit, and full of smiles.     Below are a few pictures from one of our beach adventures with friends and a few of the 30 ft waves.


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