Aloha Friday! Good Eats, a Hike & Vans Triple Crown

TGIF! Or, as they say on the islands, Happy Aloha Friday!

I’ll be honest, Fridays really are not a huge deal in this household, seeing as J.O works on Saturdays. So, this past Friday when the alarm went off at 4:55am, it was no different, or so I thought.

As usual, the alarm went off, J.O grabbed it and I did my series of grunts, sighs, stretches and winey attitude morning rituals (waking up at that hour is not my favorite part of the day).  I leaned over to give J.O a morning kiss and then he said, “I think I’m going to take the day off”.  MAGIC!  Instantly, my morning moodiness was turned into overwhelming joy!

You may ask why I became this excited?  The truth is, I don’t really have an explanation, except for the reason that it meant I got to spend all day with my love and we had NO plans, which most likely meant an adventure day. And a day of fun and adventure is exactly what we had.

As you may already know, we like to live our lives as unplanned as possible (there’s not many other ways to live in this lifestyle).  You can read about our week long adventure from earlier this year HERE.

We started our day with our typical routine of coffee and a long walk with the long dog.  With hunger on our minds we decided to hop in the car and venture further North to Laie and go to the Hukilau Cafe.  Although we hadn’t eaten there yet, it seemed to be similar to one of our favorite breakfast places in Minnesota, the NJ Cafe in Bayport.  Plus, if you’ve ever watched 50 First Dates, you’ll know the Houkilau Cafe. :)

While on our drive along the coast up to Laie, we had a change of plans. We decided to stop and hike to the Waimea falls in the Waimea Valley.  If you have the opportunity to go to this cultural center, do it.  It’s so beautiful.  With over 40 different gardens to walk through and various sacred landmarks to view, you will be entertained.  The trails are fully paved and they even have golf cart shuttles to take you directly to the waterfall if you wish.   They have a restaurant or various picnic tables you can use if you want to bring your own lunch.  The waterfall was dry when we went due to the shortage of rain recently, but when it is flowing, you can swim in the pool it creates.  We plan on going back for that action for sure.

After that we decided we weren’t in the mood for breakfast anymore and it was time to move onto lunch.  So, we continued to head North and made a quick stop at Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck for an appetizer to hold us over.  Shrimp trucks are everywhere on the North Shore.  There are many shrimp farms.  So far, our favorite is still Macky’s in Haleiwa, but we had to try this place too.  It was good.  We spit a plate (12 shrimp: half butter garlic, half spicy and 2 scoops of rice). The area where is was parked though was great. There were a ton of little shops and other food vendors.  Very fun! Alas, we were still hungry.

New plan: Continue North to Tamura’s Market to grab some poke (yes, we LOVE our poke!) and head back home.  We found a Tamura’s, but they had no fresh poke.  There was however what looked to be a great hole in the wall mexican restaurant next door! Bonus! Ever since we moved from California, I have been seriously craving some good Mexican food.  Could this be it?  It was.  In fact, it was probably one of the best mexican meals I’ve ever had.  With out a doubt, it was the best fish taco.  North Shore Taco.  GO.

I’m sure you’re reading this and thinking, “Ah, not very exciting, sounds like all you guys did was eat and drive?”  True, we did do that, but we also explored the area and that is one of my favorite things to do! Learn and experience where we are living! We did do one more REALLY cool thing.

On our way back home, we decided to stop and park at Sunset Beach and walk a mile down to Pipeline so that we could watch the final day of the Pipemasters in the Vans Triple Crown Competition. This was both of ours first surfing competition and because neither one of us surf, we really didn’t know what to expect.  I mean, we live amongst a massive community of surfers and we watch them do it for recreation, but what was a major televised competition going to be like? I figured it would be a lot of sitting around and looking at specs in the ocean.  Not at all.  IT was exciting! Between the crowds, the commentators and the major skills of the pros, it was really fun! Plus, we got to watch Kelly Slater (really famous pro surfer) up close and personal enter into the ocean and compete.  That was pretty cool!  Even I knew who he was!

After a few hours of watching we walked back to the car and drove towards home. We ended our amazing day with a beer at our favorite place in Haleiwa, Joe’s, walked the long dog once more and popped in a movie.

This unexpected, adventure filled day, left us both feeling more refreshed and energized.  It reminded us that sometimes (especially during this hectic holiday season), you just need to throw all your plans for the day out the window and take  a day to relax and be with the ones you love.

p.s. Sorry I don’t really have any pictures from the day to share!


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