Manoa Falls

It goes with out saying that the holiday season can be right out crazy busy.  Traveling, family flying in, flying to see family, shopping, cooking, cleaning, people getting sick… aye yi yi! Us line-ladies here on the islands experienced nothing short of the same before our holiday break.

Getting together for a bi-weekly hike has become somewhat of a standard for J, L and myself.  We hike a new location, get lunch and have a little girl time.  We also rotate who picks the hike. Today we hiked Manoa Falls, a hike that J picked out back in early November.  Yes, you heard me correctly, I said EARLY NOVEMBER.  Needless to say, we have attempted to do this hike for the past 2 months, giving it five different attempts.  Today was  the day it finally happened. Wahoo!

It was a nice relaxing, muddy hike.  People of all ages were there and concord the 3.5 mile round trip hike to the breathtaking falls (which were in full motion due to the amount of rain the area has had).  Some dominated the hike with a little more grace than others; we had a little action to watch as a helicopter and fire truck came in to help a woman who fell and hurt her arm.  She ended up walking the rest of the trail back and seemed to be doing just fine when we passed by.

This is a great hike for families and anyone who is willing to get their shoes a little muddy to see some lush rain forests and waterfalls.  If you think the falls look familiar, this is the area where they shot many scenes for both Lost and Jurassic Park.  In fact, one of the times we tried to hike the trail we couldn’t because they were filming scenes for Hawaii 5-0.  

After, we headed to the Red Ginger Health Cafe for some lunch.  I had my usual Acai bowl (which they make a damn good one…I may be obsessed) as did L and J had the chicken salad wrap which she said she would rate in her top 5! The small restaurant seemed nice for breakfast too, although it was really quiet…they could use a radio!

We also scored by coming across a small market in the parking lot where we all bought some fresh veggies and I even found a pair (ok, 2 pair) or earrings.

It was great as always to get together with the girls and catch up.  I love my line-o’hana :)manoa falls girls at manoa falls

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