Catching up with Old Friends

One of the best things about traveling the country is that we are able of often reconnect with friends and family that we may not have had the chance to otherwise. Especially now, living in Hawaii, we have had many a friend and family come here on vacation and we have been able to meet up with them for dinner, drinks or even just a quick hello on the beach. This past week, we were lucky enough to host a friend that I have know since I was 10.

V and her boyfriend stayed with us for three nights and it was so much fun to be able to show them around the island.  We went to the Aloha stadium swap meet where they were able to find some amazing deals on various souvenirs, drove the island, hiked to the Makapu’u Lighthouse and went swimming in the tide pools, rented snorkel gear and had lunch and a relaxing afternoon on Lanaki Beach and ended each evening with dinner and drinks while enjoying each other’s company once J.O returned home from work.  Our last evening together we went out to eat to Haleiwa Joe’s, one of mine and J.O’s favorite restaurants on the North Shore.

It was such a blessing to be able to spend time with such a dear old friend while she was on her vacation. We laughed about old times, caught up on the times missed out from each others company and created new shared memories.

Having her here made me once again have a small sense of my Minnesota home and it also got me very excited for my parents to come out to see us in a few short weeks!

It can be hard living on the road and away from family and friends we used to see on a regular basis, but it’s also wonderful to see how many people we have been able to reconnect with along the way. group out to dinnerat top makapu'u light house trail


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