Saying Goodbye to a Family Dog from Afar

As you may have noticed from some of my previous posts, such as The Roaming Basset Hound, we are dog people.  Both J.O and I grew up with dogs in our lives and they were/are all a part of our family.

Yesterday, we had to say goodbye to my parents family labrador of 15+ years, Milo (no one actually knows his true age, because we have had him that long).  Luckily, for J.O and myself, the last time we were in Minnesota, we had a feeling that it would be our last time seeing our old friend, so we were able to give him many goodbye hugs, pets and kisses.

When we received the message that he had finally gone to be with his brothers and sisters in doggy heaven, it was very bittersweet; knowing he was ready to go, but not having been there to give him one last goodbye.

Dogs are amazing companions that, like many pets, easily find their way into your heart and your family.  Always happy to see you and willing to do anything to please, their somewhat smiling faces and wagging tails always put a smile on my face. Even after months of not seeing Milo, he knew exactly who we were every time we returned.

It will be different the next time we visit my parents back in Minnesota and not having that wonderful, and often stinky, black lab great us happily at the door, but it comforts me to think of all the memories he gave our family and how he is fetching all the birds he wants to now.

That evening, we hugged the long dog a little tighter and spoke about what a great dog he was.  milo

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