Pro Bowl 2013

Football.  Ugh.  I will be the first to admit that when it comes to the NFL season, I am not a fan.  It’s not that I don’t like the game, because in fact, I rather enjoy watching it.  I mean, I grew up with football in my house and in my life, so I understand it and all.  It’s just that, well, to be honest, I think it’s insane the amount of time, energy, debating and most of all money people put into the sport. Between the numerous talk shows, the fantasy leagues, the clothing, the tickets, the food and what the players are paid, it kind of weirds me out.  It’s a game, not cure to cancer!  But, hey, to each their own, including my beloved husband who loves the sport and the season in general.  I should say, there is one thing I love about football season: the way it reminds me of so many wonderful memories from various football events past.

Perhaps that’s why I was actually excited when J.O told me that we would be attending the Pro Bowl which is held at the Aloha Stadium here in Hawaii every year.  It would be a new memory to be made!  In case you’re anything like me and have no clue on what the Pro Bowl is, it’s where the two divisions in the NFL, the National League and the American Conference pick the best players for each position from various teams and send them to play a game.  Basically its the best of the best making it  an all star showdown.

Now we didn’t have tickets, so really our plan was more to go and just experience the tail gating aspect.  There was a group of guys and a few wives from J.Os crew that were also planning on attending.  Just like we do when we go to the beach, as you have read before HERE, we packed up our grill, a bunch of food, beer,  water, a pop up sun shade canopy and made our way over to the Aloha Stadium.  This is the same stadium where I go to the swap meet/market (read about that HERE) and where the University of Hawaii plays.  In fact, I had gone to the market the day before and was able to hear the band practice as well as the announcers! Kind of cool :)  Kick off was not until 2, but according to our friends that went in 2012, if we did not get there before noon we wouldn’t get a spot in the main parking lot. tailgating

We arrived around 10:30am, and got a spot to set up shop (close to a restroom too!) but had we arrived 30 minuets later, we would not have.  It filled up fast! Soon, our friends arrived with a game of bags (also called corn hole to some) and chairs, more food and yes, more beer. We heated up the grill and got right down to tail gating.  We had a moments of heavy rain and large gusts of wind, but that didn’t stop us or the thousands of other patrons from continuing to have a great time! bagsus tailgating at Pro Bowl 2013

Roughly an hour after kick off, we decided to go and have a look at what was available for tickets: hoping that the poor weather had steered people away from attending.  After a bit of talking and walking around, we were able to purchase our tickets for the game (and at a great price).  We entered the stadium with excitement, purchased our $10 beers (gulp) and headed for our awesome seats.  And awesome the seats were: 40 yard line, row 23 on the NFC side (the players J.O was routing for too!)! ticketsstadium

It was a lot of fun to be that close and to have J.O get so excited while pointing out all the different players to me.  The row we were in was really open too, so many of our friends ended up coming down from their assigned seats and sitting with us.  playersmontage

Once the game was over (the NFC won) we all headed back to our area in the parking lot, cleaned up and waited for traffic to clear out a bit.

I never thought I would be attending the Pro Bowl in Hawaii, in the rain and enjoy it, but I did.  Like I said before, the is the one thing I do like about football season; the memories that are made from Bowl 2013

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