Let Them Eat Cake…Rainbow Cake Recipe

If there is one thing I love to celebrate, it’s a birthday.  In my family, birthdays are a big deal.  Why shouldn’t they be? It’s a reason to get together, celebrate and shower those you love with, well, love.   We do “birthday alerts” roughly weeks before a birthday, and the celebration itself usually lasts a solid week (or longer if you want it too!): with parties, lunches, dinners, cards, gifts, surprises and dessert. A lot of dessert.

While on the road, I embrace celebrating everyone’s birthdays: friends both new and old, if I find out it’s their birthday, they better watch out.  So, you can imagine then that when I discovered that our good friend and fellow journeyman lineman, JL had an upcoming birthday, I jumped on it.  Especially since our crazy fun friend has a bit of an obsession with unicorns…yes, I said unicorns. Who doesn’t love a lineman with a soft place in his heart for unicorns!  I should’ve just bought him a bunch of Lisa Frank gear, but I’m not sure they every sell it anymore.   I in the end went with my next best option: a Hawaiian-rainbow-unicorn inspired cake. I was never able to find a unicorn to put onto the cake, so it became more geared towards the Hawaiian-rainbow theme.

With a little help from good ‘ol Pinterest, I was set.  This rainbow layered cake was super easy to make, as I simply used box cake mix and pre-made frosting (hey, sometimes you just don’t have the time to make it from scratch!).  All you have to do is evenly divide up the cake batter into 5-6  bowls, stir in your food coloring, layer each color in the cake pan and bake as normal. Throw on a little blue frosting and sprinkles and your set! I used a bunt cake pan to give the rainbow a more arched effect.

The final product came out delicious and fun! We served it at the Super Bowl party we attended, sang happy birthday to the birthday boy (even though he tried to trick us all into thinking that his birthday wasn’t for another  two weeks) and dug right in.  You can read about some of the other ways I have had fun with people’s birthdays by clicking HERE.rainbow birthday cake

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