Joining the 30 Club

A few weeks ago was my birthday and I turned the big 3-0.  Having everyone and their mother remind me that I was turning 30 this year, I had the advantage of mentally preparing myself for the event for quiet some time and was actually looking forward to the day.

With my birthday landing on a Tuesday, I wasn’t planning on anything too exciting to happen.  J.O had to work and we were planning on going out to dinner with another couple that evening.  I amped up my day a bit more than normal by dominating a personal record for myself on my morning run (7.15 miles in 1:04:54) and then continuing the endorphin high with my usual weighted routine.  Yes, I will admit, the main reason to beat my personal record that morning was the fact that I was joining the 30 club.  I guess you could say it was my own way of hazing myself.  Either way, I was pretty stoked about it. IMG_2321

That day I was able to FaceTime with so many family members, it was awesome.  A gift in itself.  There’s something about seeing loved ones (even if it’s over a video call) dressed up in silly party hats and singing traditional birthday songs that just makes a girl feel special! <3

What also made me feel extra special were the incredible flowers that my husband had delivered to me.  Words and pictures can not describe their beauty.  It looked like a center piece for a hotel lobby.  Our condo instantly became fragrant with orchids, lilies, roses, gerber daisies, baby’s breathe and other flowers that were peeping out of the arrangement.  flowers

I was also overwhelmed by all the heart-filled messages I received on Facebook. It’s so awesome to hear from people you haven’t seen in years and think about the fact that they took a moment out of their day to wish me well.  I then took some time to myself and went to have a pedicure and then came home to get ready to go out to dinner.  When J.O came home from work, he quickly showered and  changed and then we were off.  We were going to be meeting up with our friends over on the East side of the island at our favorite restaurant’s sister location, Haleiwa Joe’s.  Due to our friends running a bit late, we decided to stop at a bar and grab a drink before hand.

When we walked in, J.O said to me, “hey, look they hung a ‘Happy Birthday’ banner for you”.  Thinking he was simply giving me a hard time, I replied with a “ha.ha.”  Then I looked to my right and saw many of our friends and members of our line-family!  Surprise!

They got me.  I had no idea!  It was so special and I became overwhelmed with joy.  Together, all these people made my birthday so special.  I was showered with gifts, love, food, beer, ice cream cake, leis and a lot of pull tabs (which by the end of the night, I think I broke even on :) ).  friends friends-2 j.o & me more friends party brithday girl

The thought of being 5000 miles away from my immediate family and MN friends on my “big” birthday was hard, but to be surrounded by so much love, my amazing husband and our growing line-family made me feel like I was home.

This fantastic, crazy life-style we lead can be hard.  Moving constantly, missing out on holidays and other family celebrations, long work hours, the list can go on.  But what makes it easier is knowing that because of it, we have two families. Two families to lean on and to celebrate with.  No matter where we travel to, we will always be with family.  The bond in the lineman community is so strong, gracious and giving it fills my heart. J.O and I are so blessed because of this.

So, here I am.  Now apart of the 30 club and I’ll tell ya, so far so good.  I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in, I am living an unbelievable lifestyle with the love of my life and  I am happy.  With that I say, bring it on 30.  Bring. It. On.




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