Goodbye For Now

The past few weeks have been a little nutty around here. Packing and shipping things back to the mainland, listing items to sell on craigslist, dealing with packages that became lost in the shipping process, closing out accounts and deciding which to keep open on the island, arranging “goodbye for now” dates with friends, setting up appointments for once we return to the mainland, switching mailing addresses, cleaning, vet appointments and trying to get a little beach time in have all been apart of my daily life lately.  It’s been slightly exhausting and I’ve come to realize how much I prefer our usual moving with 24 hour notice as opposed to a months notice.  You can read about a typical “minus 24 hours notice” move HERE.  I feel like we’ve been living in limbo and in boxes since we made the decision to move back to the mainland for the summer and I’m not into it: when it’s time to go, it’s time to go. But, just like that, time flies and here we are, only a few days away from leaving on a jet plane for the summer.  We’re filling up our last few days with small errands and visits to all of our friends on the island to say “Goodbye for now, we’ll see you on the next adventure”.  If you’re not up to date on our upcoming adventure, read about it HERE.

Last night, I was able to go to my favorite weekly farmers market with our neighbor and great friend “abba” and her son, our hanai keiki (adopted little one), for an afternoon of music, laughter, shopping local produce and enjoying a tasty Aloha beer (while sitting next to musician Jack Johnson and listen to him read books to his kids :) ).audra and iJ.O and our neighbor playing on the beach

Back in late February, many of our line-family members were in our current position of getting ready to leave the islands.  We had BBQs and lunch date, but my favorite “until next time” get together had to be the paddle boarding adventure! Our friends, Jess and Matt had friends visiting them before their departure back to the mainland, and paddle boarding was on the bucket list for while they were here.  So, along with a few other line-ladies, one being Laura who was also scheduled to depart the islands soon with her lineman, we made a date to hit the water, have lunch and say “until next time”.

If you haven’t ever gone stand up paddle boarding, I highly recommend it. It’s a great to do on your own or in a group. You can make it a hard workout, or do it with relaxation in mind and have great conversation while doing it.   Here on O’ahu, we choose to go on the North Shore in Haleiwa, because there is a canal you ride up into that is calm and quiet.  You also see a lot of sea turtles basking in the sun.  Pack your GoPro or an underwater camera (even a disposable one!), put on your sun screen and try it out.paddle boarding paddle boarding paddleboarding

Our weekend is sure to bring more packing, cleaning, beach time and get togethers before we depart, but it’s nice to know that we’ll be seeing everyone again soon. Whether it is back on the island or at another job down the road.  That is one of my favorite things about traveling for J.O’s job, is that we know we will be working with everyone again somewhere down the road.

In a last note, the trade lost a fellow Journeyman Lineman yesterday.  There was an underground high voltage 12kv contact accident in Southern California where one life was lost and three other linemen were injured.  Please say a prayer for them and their families and take a moment to remember the risks our linemen take everyday to grant us the power of electricity.  Read more about that HERE.  If you want to help  the families, please go to click here to donate to the National Sisterhood United for Journeymen Linemen.

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