Hawaii to Minnesota: The Journey. Part 1

Wrapping things up to leave the islands for the summer ended up to be pretty smooth.  J.O drug up (had his last day) of work on Saturday and we then spent the rest of the weekend packing up tools and the remainder of the condo.  In the end, we shipped 3 large totes, J.O’s drag bag (tool bag), a large backpack to Half Moon Bay, CA where we will be in California for possibly a few weeks before heading back to Minnesota.  Most of our other, smaller, trinket items that we knew we would not need (but wanted to keep) we shipped back to my parents house in Minnesota.  I think in total we shipped 10 large flat rate boxes!  Finally, we packed for the plane in a total of 4 check on bags and two carry-ons.  SO. Much. Stuff.  Needles to say, I know that once settled, I’ll be doing a major clean out and downsize in the camper!  How did we accumulate so much stuff?!

Sunday and Monday we were able to finish all of our shipping, packing and cleaning out the condo, while also visiting and saying our “see you laters” to many friends.  We spent Tuesday returning our rental car, doing a final walk through on our condo with our landlord and I was even able to get a little beach time in.  Thanks to our wonderful friends we had a comfortable place to sleep and great company for dinner on our final night and a ride to the airport early on Wednesday morning.

Our flight didn’t leave until 8am, but we had to be there by 6am to check in the long dog.  Yes, he was checked in as baggage again!  We gave him some “happy pills” that our vet gave to us to help relax him, and relax him they did!  I assure you, he was feeling no pain.

Once again, we flew the great Hawaiian Airlines from Honolulu to Los Angles and once again, I was not disappointed.  The staff is are always so kind and happy and their in flight service is great.  The planes are clean, you get REAL food for your meal (fresh fruit!) REAL silverware and even a complimentary rum punch at the end of the flight!  They also were great with the long dog, staying with him in LA while we retrieved our bags and the rental car.  Not that long dog would have gone far, those happy pills kept him happy for a solid 12 hours!

Fresh Fruit, real silverware, fresh cheese!

Fresh Fruit, real silverware, fresh cheese!

long dog relaxed in the car

It was interesting how both J.O and I started to notice the differences between living on an island and the mainland even while in the air.  At first sighting of land, we were both completely taken back the scale of everything, especially the amount of homes, length of freeways, the lack of greenery and how you couldn’t see the end of the land….where’s the other side!?  Once in our rental car we headed North to our friends home (another lineman) in Palmdale, CA.  On the drive we took in the billboards (there really aren’t any in Hawaii) and the fact that we could drive faster than 45mph.  Driving 10 miles no longer took 20 min!

We spent our first night on the mainland catching up with our good friend, Faron.  We had a few beers and relaxed in the hot tub (which was very welcomed since J.O and I were both in sweatshirts at 70 degrees)  It was great to be able to spend our first night back with such a treasured friend.

Thursday morning we rose, said our goodbyes and hit the road for Apple Valley, CA where our truck and 5th wheel had been in storage since August.  If you ever need a reliable storage facility for your truck, camper, or boat, I highly recommend this place.  Lone Wolf Colony Storage.  They are family run and trustworthy.  So much so , that they actually called us a few months back to tell us that our monthly rent was dropping in price!  We were a little worried on how everything would run after having sat in desert climate for 9 months, but luckily, the truck started right back up and we didn’t find anything missing (or living) in the camper!  It was funny to see our chalkboard calendar still be made up from August 2012 and all our various household items that we had forgotten about.  Like I said before, I’ll be doing a major goodwill donation in the near future!photo 4photo 5

From here, we then drove up to Kingsburg, CA.  Roughly a 4.5 hour drive.  We had decided to keep the rental car until we reached the Kingsburg/Fresno area just in case something went wrong with truck on the drive up.  So, I followed J.O and the long dog and jammed out to music.  We were able to pull  into a campground that we stayed in last year, Club Royal Oak.  It was lovely to visit with the staff and old friends from there and see their growing families.  We had a little trouble getting all the electric in the 5th wheel to get back up and running full swing, but luckily when you’re married to a lineman, getting everything squared away was pretty easy.

It was nice to sleep in our bed again too.  We had a great nights rest and woke in the morning to say our goodbyes and hit the road.  We dropped off our rental car and I hopped in the truck with J.O and the long dog.  Finally on the road together and heading up to Half Moon Bay, life was feeling complete and normal again.  We’re both excited to be back on the road and covering good ground.

We pulled in to Half Moon Bay around 4pm and were able to grab a place to camp at Pelican Point RV Park.  We had wanted to pull into our normal campground, Pillar Point, but they were already booked solid.  After getting set up, we went to our favorite restaurant here, Sam’s Chowder House for some oysters and I had their strawberry and beet salad, Yum!.  We called up our great friends, Bill and Kris and Bill was able to come and meet us for a while.  We even surprised Kris  with a quick stop in to say hello!

Today, J.O is out on the jetty fishing for some crab while I try to put some order back into our camper.  What a mess of luggage! Long dog is doing ok, but became sick last night after we think he ate grass that had fertilizer on it.  We’re keeping a close eye on him.

We’ll be in Half Moon Bay until most likely Wednesday when the rest of our packages have arrived and our truck should be up and ready for what the long ride back to Minnesota brings.

Also, a big thank you to out friends over at Whole Parenting Family for interviewing us awhile back and posting a fantastic read!  Check out our interview by clicking here

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