Black Barts: Flagstaff, AZ

Days 3 and 4 of our journey back out West brought us to Flagstaff, Arizona.   We new that we had wanted to get into a site early so that J.O get get in a round of golf, so our search for a RV park started as soon as we left Albuquerque, New Mexico.  We use a mixture of our smartphones and our Garmin to find parks.  I do a search for RV Park and the city’s name in google and then look at not only the parks website (if they have one) but other sites that rate the parks like Yelp.  We did not have too many choices for Flagstaff, but decided to park at a place right off of I-40 called Black Barts.

The general store at Black Bart's

The general store at Black Bart’s

Black Barts was not too shabby!  I was a little nervous before we arrived, because the reviews were not very good.  Most of them said that it was not well kept and run down.  We did not feel this way at all.  Sure, they concrete slabs were cracked and the water hook ups were a little outdated, but over all it was a nice and spacious park.  For $32 a night we had a pull through, full hook up site with  a decent amount of trees.  There was laundry, a small general store, bathrooms and restaurant on site.  Plus, they had a good sense of humor with their rules :)Funny rules

Black Bart's RV Park

Black Bart’s RV Park

J.O was able to get in a round of golf at the only public course in Flagstaff: The Continental Country Club.  He only finished out 9 of the 18 holes, but said that for the most part it was a nice course with a lot of trees and very narrow. Because he played after 3pm, he was able to get in during their twilight hours so a 18 hole round with a cart was only $23!  Great deal!

That night we decided to try out the restaurant on site.  It had received pretty good reviews and because we were staying at the park we received 10% off.  We had a blast!  It was a really fun and entertaining venue!  All the waiters and waitresses had amazing musical talent and would get up on stage at random to sign various show tunes.  J.O and I are both fans of broadway, so we really enjoyed their renditions of hits from Les Miserables, Show Boat, Beauty and the Beast and more.  My favorite was when the entire staff joins in to sing “Be Our Guest!” from Beauty and the Beast.  The food was pretty good too!  We both had

Watching a waitress sing during dinner

Watching a waitress sing during dinner


The next morning we woke to beautiful weather.  Flagstaff sits at 7000 feet and it is overall just lovely.  So lovely that we decided we wanted to stay another day and see the sights.  I did some laundry and we enjoyed some coffee while conversing with our momentary neighbors who were from Maryland and in route to Phoenix to drop off their son at ASU.  We went and walked around the historic downtown area and enjoyed the artistic vibe.  There were a lot of small shops and restaurants and a ton of physic shops (which was unexpected).  There were also a lot of breweries and J.O and I appreciate a well crafted brew.  It was interesting to find out that the breweries actually can’t sell their own beer, so they all sell each others.  Weird.  We went to the Flagstaff Brewery, which would have been awesome, but our bartender was not very friendly so we moved onto Hops of Birch.  Hops on Birch was not a brewery, but a brewhouse.  This place was great.  Small and warm, they had a nice L shaped bar with various high tops and stage for local musicians.  The best part was though that they LOVED dogs.  There were pups just walking around and it was fantastic!  We so wish we had brought the long dog!  We met both of the young owners and discovered that they had opened only a year and a half ago.  If you’re in the area, be sure to check them out!  Great people and great brew house.

Our evening ended with grilling chicken and a few beers back at the camper.  We even went back to the Black Barts Restaurant for some dessert: cheesecake and fried ice-cream, yum!

The next morning we woke up to hit the road for Lancaster, CA to meet up with one of our friends, Faron.  He is a lineman out of Iowa that we have known since J.O was an apprentice.   We never miss an opportunity to meet up with him! More on this visit later.

Flagstaff and Northern Arizona is a gem.  The entire ride out of the area, J.O and I both spoke about how we were pleasantly  surprised to discover the area.  How it looked nothing like what we would have imagined any part of Arizona to look like: large evergreens and rolling hills.  We will be back for sure.

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