Shady Elm’s RV, Lancaster, CA

Yay!  We are in California!   Our new route from Minnesota to California was chosen for the main reason that it was supposed to be a more flat route and not as many passes as when we take I-80.  For the most part, it has been great!  Nice and flat and new scenery made for a much more interesting drive.  The only main climb and downfall was when we first entered California: going through the mojave dessert.  BLAH, LONG, STEEP and HOTTTTTTTT.  we climbed a constant hill for 30 miles, looked at nothing but sandy hills and dealt with 114 degree temps ( there were times to ensure that our engine didn’t overheat that we had the windows down and the HEAT blaring on high).  Uft-dah!  Everything was dead, even the cactus on the side of the road.  I was waiting to drive by a horse skeleton with vultures circling, but I figured that even the vultures were dried up and dead.  We also had the pleasure of having to fill up along the stretch at one of the only 2 gas stations where we paid $5.45/gallon for diesel.  Most people would say, “you’re supposed to drive that at night”.  Ya, well, then we wouldn’t have been able to meet up with our friend!  All well, we made it, lived through it and were finally back in California!HOT

After we left Flagstaff, AZ we decided to head for Lancaster, CA.  A slight detour off our route, but a night with a great friend was well worth it.  Our friend, Faron, that J.O worked with in Iowa has been in California for work for a few years now and whenever we are able, we stop by his neck of the woods to catch up.  You may remember last year when J.O and I were getting ready to move to Hawaii and for about 10 days I had to stay on the mainland to wait for long dogs papers to go through for flying; Faron took long dog and I in and helped us get everything set and ready to go to Hawaii.  You can read more about that HERE.  Have I mentioned how I love our line-family!  They’re always here for us!

Finding a RV park in the exact city you want to stay in can be a challenge at times, if possible at all.  We were able to find one in Lancaster: Shady Elms RV Park.  The website looked good and the price was right, $25 for full hookup.  I called and they had openings! Yay…or so we thought.  This was a place that confirmed the idea to never trust a picture.  Not only were the sites right on top of each other, but it was more of a mobil home park and not an RV park.  In other words, they are not really set up for over nighters.  Their “over-night” spots were in the parking lot and the manager did not have a clue on how to tell people where to park.  Basically, we couldn’t even park in the “over-night” spot because of how he had the other guy park (even though we had called and reserved a site and they hadn’t).  Luckily, we were able to back in to a “full-time” spot that was vacant.  It was really unlevel, over grown and tight, but it worked out just fine in the end.  At least it was full hook up, cheap, only for one night and we wouldn’t even really be there, right?  Needless to say, I wouldn’t recommend it, unless you need a place to stay IN Lancaster.

We did have a great time catching up with Faron that night! We went to our standby restaurant in Lancaster: Schooners Patio Grill.  If you like ice cold, tooth cracking beer, peanut shells on the ground, deluxe flatbreads and tri-tip nachos, then this is your place.  I gain 5 pounds just thinking about it. YUM.  J.O and Faron talked a lot of shop (which I’m used to being a girl in the lineman world) and caught up on each other’s current and past projects and life stories.

We woke to a hot and sunny day, ready to make our last leg of driving up to Northern California: Vacaville where J.O would go and sign the books at the union hall.  First we had one last meal with Faron and his lady at a nice little restaurant called Scramblers.  We gave our hugs and the boys promised to stay safe out there (love how they look out for each others safety on the job even when their not on the job).


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