Preventing Rust on Your Undercarriage and Installing a Cedar Lined Closet

Living in different areas of the country, we have often had to learn how to cope with various weather and living conditions. For example, in the Midwest, we had to insulate our water hose and leave a little water running … Continue reading

A Smart Choice for Tiles in a RV: Smart Tiles

When J.O and I decided to take on the project of doing a major renovation/redecorating our 5th wheel, we knew that we had wanted to add a backsplash to the kitchen.  Our layout is very open, so the kitchen basically … Continue reading

Renovating our 5th Wheel Camper: a DIY

Being able to live in a 365 square foot 5th wheel camper full time as a married couple and enjoy it takes a rare breed, or so I’ve been told.  Living in an RV presents the challenges of getting accustomed … Continue reading

I hate bugs: Build a custom tiki torch!

Moving from Minnesota to Hawaii, I thought that we would have left the mosquitos behind.  Not the case.  I suppose, I should have realized that we would be in a new haven for bugs, living in a rainforest and all! … Continue reading

Cleaning on a Nickel or Less!

Moving out to Hawaii, I knew that we were going to embark into a higher cost of living and some things we weren’t going to be able to get around.  I am fine with that.  There are markets galore and … Continue reading

Personalizing your camper

Living on the road you have three options for living. 1. Motels/Hotels 2. Apartments 3. Camper/RV  Obviously, we feel that the camper/rv option is the best.  We are able to have a closet, have our pictures up: thus giving us … Continue reading

How to dye, bleach, and reshape a shirt to make it your own

I have a sick obsession with a few things that go into my closet: Jeans, swimsuits and tank tops.  Usually all three of these things are worn together (yes, I am more of a jeans than a shorts girl, even … Continue reading