Back to School Sales Already? What happened to the summer?!

Everywhere you look right now, there are advertisements for Back to School Sales!  What the what?! How in the world is the summer almost over? I feel like it was just Memorial Day weekend! The summer months are always very … Continue reading

Preventing Rust on Your Undercarriage and Installing a Cedar Lined Closet

Living in different areas of the country, we have often had to learn how to cope with various weather and living conditions. For example, in the Midwest, we had to insulate our water hose and leave a little water running … Continue reading

A Holiday Season That Kept Us on Our Toes!

How is it almost February? It seems like we just got back from our Thanksgiving vacation in Tahoe and I look at the calendar and see that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner (yes, sister, I know: Birthday Alert!). … Continue reading

Freezing Everyday Kitchen Items Saves Time and Money

We are big on the “Waste not, want not” idea when it comes to the kitchen.  We use up everything to the last drop whenever possible and that often means getting a little creative on creating dishes before things go … Continue reading

Patience is a Virtue

It’s no hiding that this crazy lifestyle we lead truly is done by the seat of our pants!  Just when we start getting settled into a new routine, the wind decides to change directions.  It just so happened that the … Continue reading

Taking a Job Call in Watsonville, CA: Pinto Lake RV Park

The best part about J.O being a journeyman lineman for the IBEW is that he has the privilege to choose which job call he wants to take.  Granted, this is not always possible (especially if you’ve been unemployed for awhile … Continue reading