Recapping The Past few Winter Months

Oh, by golly, we’ve had a holly jolly winter…this year! It doesn’t surprise me that it’s already the middle of February and I’m just getting around to writing my first post for the 2015 year. December is always a crazy … Continue reading

A Holiday Season That Kept Us on Our Toes!

How is it almost February? It seems like we just got back from our Thanksgiving vacation in Tahoe and I look at the calendar and see that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner (yes, sister, I know: Birthday Alert!). … Continue reading

The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco

I will be the first to say that I had a VERY happy childhood.  There were lots of smiles, laughs, hugs, kisses, time with family and Disney.  Yes, Disney.  Movies, sing-a-longs, Disney theater productions, Disney toys, multiple trips to both … Continue reading

Thanksgiving in South Lake Tahoe, Ca

Since 2008, Thanksgiving has been a holiday that J.O and I have broken away from our family traditions and we have started our own way of celebrating. More often than not, our day of giving thanks and turkey is spent … Continue reading

Patience is a Virtue

It’s no hiding that this crazy lifestyle we lead truly is done by the seat of our pants!  Just when we start getting settled into a new routine, the wind decides to change directions.  It just so happened that the … Continue reading

Buying Fresh and Local

Our first week back to work and normal living has been splendid.  J.O has really been enjoying his new crew, the work and his new foreman position, which is great!  I have gotten back into my routine of running, getting … Continue reading